Advertising feature: helping deliver Scotland’s Social Enterprise Strategy


Roger Moors examines the role of social investment and how it’s so much more than just about money

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16th February 2017 by TFN Guest 0 Comments

On the 14th of December 2016, the Scottish Government issued its ten year national strategy for the development of social enterprise. The strategy provides a framework for action over the next decade and focuses on three main priorities; stimulating social enterprise; developing stronger organisations and realising market opportunities.

The role of Social Investment Scotland now extends well beyond that of simply providing finance. Raising awareness, building capacity and helping to realise opportunities within the sector are now key parts of our work. And nothing illustrates this better than the workshops we’ll shortly be delivering with the support of the Scottish Government and the pioneering development of our Asda Social Enterprise Supplier Development Academy.

Roger Moors

Roger Moors

In just a few weeks’ time we’ll be embarking on a series of seven, day-long workshops across Scotland that take a detailed look at social investment, what it is and how it can be used as an enabler for growth, sustainability and the delivery of greater social impact. 

The government strategy states that it will seek to “ensure that social enterprises have the advice, skillset, and confidence required to make the most of the finance available” with the aim of there being “greater awareness and appetite for risk on all parts together with concerted efforts to reduce uncertainty and fear”.

With this in mind, part of our workshops includes a very interactive and fun-based approach to learning where attendees become the lender for an hour or so, are given a real application to consider and decide whether to lend the money! For further details of these events and to book a free place go to

Last year saw the launch of Scotland’s first Social Enterprise Supplier Development Academy. Developed by SIS in conjunction with Asda and funded through the proceeds of Asda’s carrier bag charge, the academy supports

Scottish based social enterprises to strengthen their understanding of supermarket retail, refine their commercial and marketing skills and provide the potential to get their products on supermarket shelves across Scotland and beyond. After attending last year’s academy, Brewgooder and Heroes Drinks, both social enterprises, successfully secured major listings with Asda with many others continuing to develop their offer in the retail space.

We’re now delighted to announce that we’ll be doing it all over again in 2017 with a further four day residential Academy planned between 6 and 9 June. Based at Asda House in Leeds, it will include everything from understanding consumer purchasing behaviour, product trends and supermarket logistics to branding and packaging design. Full details will be released in the next few weeks but if you’d like to register your early interest simply drop a note to us at [email protected]

The model of social enterprise is the embodiment of inclusive growth and the three priorities within the Scottish Government strategy will undoubtedly help to deliver sustainable economic growth, tackle inequalities and build a fairer Scotland. We’re happy to help play our part in delivering the strategy and demonstrate that with these initiatives, social investment is so much more than just about money. 

Next month – social enterprises… what to do when things don’t go quite to plan.