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18th January 2018 by Susan Smith 0 Comments

This a blog about brilliant blogging; read it and you’ll have a better idea of how to write a blog that people will actually read. I’m self-consciously aware of how meta this is, so, reader, please be gentle.

We know a lot about brilliant blogging at TFN because we publish hundreds of blogs ever year. Blogs are some of the most popular content on thirdforcenews.org.uk, but sadly, a lot of them flop faster than you can say Huffington Post.

The biggest mistake bloggers make is not getting to the point quickly enough. People think they need to set the scene, ease their reader into their argument before hammering it home in the conclusion. In truth, most people don’t get past the first few paragraphs unless they know what they’re reading about – so if you’re still here, I must be doing something right.

Today’s reader is selfish and fickle with a limited attention span

Once you’ve made your main point – in case you missed it, this is about writing good blogs – you can expand on the details. Now’s the time to set the scene by explaining that this topic is interesting because TFN is running a free Masterclass on Brilliant Blogs at the Gathering next month and we’d really like you to attend. We’ll explore good headlines, how to engage your reader in the first paragraph, the importance of understanding your audience, and why it helps to plan your message and stick to it.

The truth is, in this age of content overload, people will only read your blog if there’s something in it for them. Today’s reader is selfish and fickle with a limited attention span, they don’t care that you got an A for Higher English and your mum thought you could be a playwright. Admit it, you're only reading this now because you want to write better blogs that raise awareness of your cause. It's ok, I'm not offended.

So, it’s only worth putting pen to paper, or logging on to Wordpress, if you actually have something useful or important to share. For example, team TFN knows the difference between a brilliant blog and a truly awful one, we have lots of readership stats to back this up, and we’re willing to reveal these secrets to you.

Finally, in the third sector, we’re often blogging because we want people to do something, such as sign a petition, donate, turn up to a protest or attend an event. The call to action is what the blog's really all about for you, so you need to make it very clear and easy for readers to follow through.

You may have noticed I've already mentioned that TFN is running a free Masterclass on Brilliant Blogs at the Gathering. It’s on Thursday 22 February at Glasgow’s SECC at 3pm and you can sign up via any of the links in this blog or at thegathering.scot.