New research aims to improve Self-directed Support for all

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Ian Welsh on exciting new research being carried out into Self-directed Support

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28th May 2019 by TFN Guest 0 Comments

In 2014 legislation came into place that promised to change social care delivery in Scotland, with a new approach called Self-directed Support (SDS).

The vision of social care through SDS being increased choice and outcome focused, personalised support planning.

Five years on from this and we know that not everyone has had the same experience when it comes to accessing, or trying to access SDS and that we have not yet achieved the true vision of SDS:

Professor Ian Welsh OBE

Professor Ian Welsh OBE

My Support My Choice is the most comprehensive research of its kind

"I remember thinking his ideas about the possibilities of SDS were great, I mean he had a kind of vision, but that vision was not reflected in social work."

"No one has explained to us what we could or could not expect from the systems/process."

But we also know that when SDS works it can be transformational to the lives of those receiving support as well as their families and friends:

“SDS is one of the few things actually, that’s worked.”

"It’s enabled him to get people who are stable, a stable group of carers. Stability is important to him; he likes people who are the same faces, and the same people who get to know him. "

Sound familiar? We want to hear from you!

New research is being carried out by two independent organisations Self Directed Support Scotland (SDSS), and the Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland (the Alliance) which seeks input from anyone who receives SDS or has been assessed for Self-directed Support in the last 12 months, regardless of the outcome of this process.

We believe that reporting progress based on Service User experience is vital to improving SDS in the future.

The My Support My Choice project prioritises people’s lived experiences of being assessed for and receiving Self-directed Support, providing a powerful body of data about the implementation of social care in Scotland.

My Support My Choice is the most comprehensive research of its kind and provides an opportunity for Scottish Government, local authorities, and third sector partners to learn from the experiences of real people who use SDS and to deliver the intended outcomes of the Social Care (Self-directed Support) (Scotland) Act 2013 for people living in Scotland.

Professor Ian Welsh OBE is chief executive of The Alliance.

To take part, access the online survey here. To request a paper copy of the survey, or if you require any assistance you can contact the freephone support line on 0800 1701 321 (Monday-Friday 9.30am-4.30pm).