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Paul Cardwell attended the Scotland Against Trump rally this week. He believes the president's angry reactions to criticism will ultimately be his downfall.

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31st January 2017 by Paul Cardwell 1 Comment

I’ve never actively protested against anything – that was up until Monday night when I joined in the anti-Trump rally in Edinburgh.

I felt compelled to go more so than I have ever done for any other march or demonstration. It wasn’t because I hate Trump more than I hate fracking and Trident or because I care less about making poverty history – it was because I’ve never believed a protest would make much of a difference.

But with Trump I think it could.

The protest on Monday wasn't against an entire government or a corporation. It was against Donald Trump. It was personal. I’m too young to remember Thatcher so I’ve never seen an opposition so united against one person.

Reports from America say Trump was surprised by the volume of protestors who took part in the Women’s March Against Trump shortly after his inauguration. His hostile reaction makes me think they rattled him and I hope protests like Monday’s do to – don’t think for a minute with our global/social news culture he wouldn’t have seen images from around the UK.

Let’s face it Trump, a self-titled man of the people, was inaugurated with the considerable burden of one of the worst ever approval ratings for an incoming president. The more people both in the US and worldwide that visibly disagree with him the harder the pressure will be on him and the people around him.

You can see him cracking already. Look at the way he attempted to cover up the poor attendance at his inauguration. Look at the way he reacted to Laura Kuenssberg's question. Just look at him talking about "bad dudes" on his Twitter account. He is losing it and the more he does the more the opposition against him will rise.

As his opposition grows his allies and enemies will see him as weak. Afterall, people with egos this fragile easily crumble despite their tough exterior. The more people prod at him, whether it be journalists in a press conference or protestors on the streets, the more he will resort to his default response of anger.

Trump is writing his own downfall with his inhumane policies and moronic outbursts. Protests like the one I attended in Edinburgh organised by campaigners bring the worst out of him and that might just be for the best.

Paul Cardwell is a reporter at Third Force News.

31st January 2017 by RealFreedom

So it is not OK for Russia citizens to interfere in US politics to swing the election for Trump, but it is OK for Scottish citizens to interfere in US politics to influence the implementation of a properly enacted and legal US executive order?The stench of hypocrisy emanating from the left is overwhelming.