We want to hear about your Covid heroes


Gareth Jones is looking to get in touch with the people who are making a difference during the coronavirus pandemic

9th April 2020 by Gareth Jones 2 Comments

We’re now a few weeks (but what feels like years) into lockdown, with ‘normal’ life seeming like a thing of the distant past.

For us all, there has been change and the uncertainty of not knowing if things will continue to change is undoubtedly one of the worst parts of the pandemic.

Personally, I’ve been spending my days trying to stick to a regular working routine, coupled with the highlight of getting out once a day, attempting to use supplies and imagination to create good meals and re-watching old episodes of The Sopranos. The general theme of my days has been a desired semblance of order.

However, it is those that strive to move away from normality that are making the real difference in our communities. The people who are returning to work after years out, or taking their first steps into a workplace that is scarier than ever. The delivery drivers working all hours of the day to ensure people have access to food. The care workers putting their own health at risk to ensure the vulnerable remain safe.

The word hero is overused, but there’s no doubt that in this case it is the correct one. Our sector is full of people who go the extra mile to help society, and crisis often highlights this more than ever.

Gareth Jones

Gareth Jones

We want to hear from you about who these people are. They can be a staff member, a volunteer, or anyone who you think is going above and beyond to deliver the vital support that is needed during these dark times. All we ask is that the people you nominated are an individual, and that a picture of them is provided. You can nominate your heroes by emailing some details to me at gareth.jones@scvo.org.uk

At TFN, we are doing all we can to continue to highlight the great work the Scottish voluntary sector is carrying out amidst unprecedented uncertainty. Our ‘normal’ involves featuring those that are displaying creativity and resilience from a sector that thrives in times of adversity. We hope you can help us bring the work of those making a difference to light.

Gareth Jones is a reporter for TFN, and also works as a communications officer for SCVO

10th April 2020 by Margaret Hindmarsh

my hero is probably an informal volunteer, she is a farming wife-lambing time calving cows has 3children AND does the shopping for her 80+ gran, and me with my copd, always has a smile.

14th April 2020 by Chris Walker

My (our) hero is Lee Mcsoul from Soul Soup. Lee is a support worker and has pioneered delivering support sessions via online gaming platforms. Lees efforts and innovative approach has initiated over 40 unique conversations with service users, resulting in 20 of those people receiving regular support sessions online. Lees commitment and desire to continue offering support really is a credit to Soul Soup and those whom he serves.