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Hate fest furore over Neil Oliver’s role as NTS president

Susan Smith argues the fallout following the appointment of Neil Oliver as NTS president is a worrying sign for Scottish democratic debate

9th October 2017 by Susan Smith

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Obituary: community activist and nature lover David Paterson

Sally Hall pays tribute to the founder of Avondale Community Beekeepers, who passed last week

28th August 2017 by TFN Guest

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Private schools and councils are simply not charities

Susan Smith believes the time has come to remove charitable status from private schools and council run bodies

23rd August 2017 by Susan Smith

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Hip hop filmmaker takes on unjust care tax

Kiana Kalantar-Hormozi, 23, is the director and star of a music video campaigning against the so-called care tax.

15th August 2017 by TFN Guest

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National Museum of Scotland launches contactless donations

​Robert Cawston discusses the new method of making contactless donations at the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh

3rd August 2017 by TFN Guest

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See you on the udder side: wacky race team will raise moo-lah for charity

Graeme Donohoe on why he's driving to Mongolia in a car done up as a Highland cow

17th July 2017 by TFN Guest

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School’s out for summer – joy or sorrow?

Tommy George on how Edinburgh Leisure's Positive Destinations is helping 150 young people to unlock their potential this summer

6th July 2017 by TFN Guest

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We give new Scots a warm welcome to life in Edinburgh

Alex Whitteker has only been in Edinburgh a couple of years himself, but he's determined to make other newcomers feel welcome

20th June 2017 by TFN Guest

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Schools are creating the philanthropists of the future

Tracey Bird sat on the judging panel of the Youth Philanthropy Awards at her local high school and was amazed with the results

15th June 2017 by TFN Guest

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Micro-volunteering – to fit with the busy 21st century life

Eve Smith explains how even the busiest people can fit in a five-minute micro-volunteering stint

5th June 2017 by TFN Guest

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Vote to protect creative community expression

Jemma Neville explains why the results of the UK general election could have a major impact on voluntary and community arts in Scotland

8th May 2017 by TFN Staff

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Has TFN riled you? It’s for your own good

Susan Smith on why Third Force News will not apologise for making you angry

5th April 2017 by Susan Smith

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Why I am making a marathon effort for charity

Michael McGuire is getting ready to take part in his sixth marathon. He took up running after his son was stillborn and has since raised thousands for charity.

21st March 2017 by TFN Guest

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Kirk calls on Westminster to agree to independence referendum

Rev Dr Richard Frazer says the Church of Scotland remain neutral out the outcome but believes it is right to have a second independence referendum

14th March 2017 by TFN Guest

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Disabled Access Day is back and it’s bigger than ever

Emily Yates of the Disabled Access Day organising team is looking forward to this year's event which takes place on Friday, Saturday and Sunday this weekend

9th March 2017 by TFN Guest

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The power of a good conversation

Simon Bateson explains why he believes honest communication can be the basis for social change

6th March 2017 by TFN Guest

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A sporting chance for looked after children

Helen Macfarlane explains how Edinburgh Leisure can boost the life chances of looked after children in Scotland

7th February 2017 by TFN Guest

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​Our charity spent the night with Ewan McGregor at the T2: Trainspotting premiere

Leith based health and wellbeing charity The Junction was lucky enough to be invited to the world premiere of T2: Trainspotting

27th January 2017 by TFN Guest

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