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Is Christmas too commercial?

When the contents of a letter to Santa will set you back more than December's mortgage, it's time to wonder whether it's all got out of hand. What do you think?

23rd November 2017 by TFN Staff

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Is a year a tough enough jail sentence for animal abuse?

Currently in Scotland the maximum sentence for animal abuse is 12 months. Campaigners argue this should be extended to five years. Do you agree?

31st August 2017 by Susan Smith

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TFN poll: should the Grand National be banned?

Poll: should the Grand National be be banned?

6th April 2017 by Graham Martin

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Poll: should wolves be reintroduced to Scotland?

TFN poll: should we bring back wolves?

30th March 2017 by Graham Martin

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Is IndyRef2 a good idea?

Nicola Sturgeon has announced she will be seeking a second referendum on Scottish independence between autumn 2018 and spring 2019. What do you think?

14th March 2017 by TFN Staff

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Poll: are smartphones one of life’s essentials?

​Could you live without your smartphone? How essential to modern life are they?

25th November 2016 by Graham Martin

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Poll: is the BBC biased against Scotland?

Is the BBC biased against Scotland?

27th October 2016 by Graham Martin

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Is it right to bring back tail docking?

Animal welfare charities are outraged by Scottish Government plans to reintroduce tail docking for working dogs

10th October 2016 by TFN Staff

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Should boxing be banned?

After the tragic death of Mike Towell, the charity Headway says its time to put a stop to boxing. Do you agree?

3rd October 2016 by Susan Smith

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Poll: is it time to ban grouse shooting?

Poll: is it time to ban grouse shooting?

1st September 2016 by Graham Martin

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Poll: should burkinis be banned?

Should burkinis be banned?

26th August 2016 by TFN Staff

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At £5.5m per medal, is the Olympics worth the cost?

TFN poll: is the Olympics worth it?

18th August 2016 by Graham Martin

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TFN poll: should trolls be kicked off social media sites?

Poll: should trolls be kicked off social media sites?

21st July 2016 by Graham Martin

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TFN poll: should we abolish the monarchy?

If there was a referendum on the future of the monarchy, how would you vote?

21st April 2016 by Graham Martin

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Poll: does social media restrict freedom of speech?

​Is social media hindering or encouraging the right to free speech?

14th April 2016 by Robert Armour

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Poll: Is 10K race where competitors drink wine instead of water irresponsible?

A 10K “fun run” in Glasgow where competitors drink wine every two miles has been slammed as “no joke” by a leading charity - should it go ahead?

14th January 2016 by Paul Cardwell

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Bah humbug! Has Christmas gone too far?

It used to be about fun. But has the stress of Xmas taken over the season of goodwill?

14th December 2015 by Robert Armour

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