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We give new Scots a warm welcome to life in Edinburgh

Alex Whitteker has only been in Edinburgh a couple of years himself, but he's determined to make other newcomers feel welcome

20th June 2017 by TFN Guest

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Can you make things last? Be part of the circular economy

Iain Gulland explains how charities and social enterprises can tap into the new Circular Economy Investment Fund

20th June 2017 by TFN Guest

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Solidarity and unity with refugees around the world

World Refugee Day is more than just an awareness day says Pauline Diamond Salim

20th June 2017 by TFN

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Protecting the environment should be a cross-party goal

Daphne Vlastari says all parties should be talking about the environment in the the run up to the election

22nd May 2017 by TFN Guest

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Let’s rescue our rights from the depths of Brexit

Mhairi Snowden says civil society should be very concerned about the impact of Brexit on our human rights

6th April 2017 by TFN Guest

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Has TFN riled you? It’s for your own good

Susan Smith on why Third Force News will not apologise for making you angry

5th April 2017 by Susan Smith

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South Sudan: The food has run out - you cannot let us die

Fergus Conmee, head of Africa for The Catholic Agency For Overseas Development (CAFOD) met those in South Sudan suffering from the famine

15th March 2017 by TFN Guest

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Want to change your community? Just think big

Young Jordan Kyle and his friends transformed their local community for the better

7th March 2017 by Robert Armour

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Trump protests can make a difference

Paul Cardwell attended the Scotland Against Trump rally this week. He believes the president's angry reactions to criticism will ultimately be his downfall.

31st January 2017 by Paul Cardwell

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Supporting Syria from near and afar

Christy Delafield on Mercy Corps' ongoing aid programme in Syria

23rd December 2016 by TFN Guest

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I’m taking Theresa May to court over Trident

Angie Zelter: why I'm taking the government to court over Clyde-based WMDs

6th December 2016 by TFN Guest

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Welcoming Syrians to Scotland: one year on

Gary Christie highlights Scotland's exemplary role in welcoming 40% of the UK's Syrian refugees in the last 12 months

17th November 2016 by TFN Guest

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Investments that really do change lives

Monica Middleton on Oikocredit and how it is making a social and economic impact in disadvantaged parts of the world

19th October 2016 by TFN Guest

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Communities should be able to own their own land

​Linsay Chalmers outlines the key issues raised at the Scottish Land Reform Conference 2016, and argues that communities owning their land is vital

28th September 2016 by TFN Guest

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Radical indy conference to put people power on the agenda

Major conference hears why another Scotland is possible

27th September 2016 by TFN Guest

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Dungavel’s demise is welcome - but now we must stop its replacement

Robina Qureshi says Dungavel Detention Centre was basically a jail and its proposed replacement could be worse

12th September 2016 by TFN Guest

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What do the sustainable development goals mean for Scotland?

Martha Caddell on the need to determine Scotland's role within the UN sustainable development agenda

7th September 2016 by TFN Guest

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Turning your hobby into a living

​Charlotte Bray looks back on the risks and rewards of her decision to turn her passion for volunteering into a full time job

9th August 2016 by Charlotte Bray

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Climate change resilience for charities

​Julia Hutchison explains why charities should be addressing the coming threats posed by climate change

8th August 2016 by Molly Millar

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