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Poll: who do you think will win the independence referendum?

Vote in our poll: which side will triumph in the independence referendum?

8th September 2014 by TFN

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Poll: Should we stop donating to charity shops?

Our second-hand donations result in African textile factories closing and people losing jobs. Do we just stop giving to charity shops?

18th July 2014 by Natasha Hallett

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Are drivers or cyclists the most dangerous road users?

It’s long been argued among cyclists and drivers that the other is the cause of more accidents, but is one group more to blame?

27th January 2014 by TFN Staff

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Should energy bills be capped by government?

Should the government intervene to cap energy bills for a period in an effort to tackle fuel poverty and excessive profiteering by energy companies?

6th January 2014 by TFN Staff

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