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Should the Scottish Parliament ban fracking?

TFN poll: should the Scottish Parliament ban fracking?

2nd June 2016 by Graham Martin

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Poll: do you support military action against IS in Syria?

After recent terrorist outrages, would you support military action in Syria?

19th November 2015 by Graham Martin

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Is Chris Packham right? Are our conservation groups radical enough?

TV presenter Chris Packham said some conservation groups are too close to vested interests. Is he right?

10th September 2015 by Graham Martin

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Poll: should all EU borders be open to refugees?

Would opening all EU borders to refugees alleviate the current crisis?

3rd September 2015 by Robert Armour

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Poll: Can charities cope with the demand created by welfare cuts?

Or will the £12bn cut from the welfare budget be the straw to break the camel's back

23rd July 2015 by Paul Cardwell

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Poll: Band Aid 30 - is it worthy or cringeworthy?

TFN poll: is Band Aid good or bad?

11th December 2014 by Graham Martin

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TFN poll: is littering as bad as drink driving? Join the debate!

Poll: is littering as bad as drink driving?

14th November 2014 by Graham Martin

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Poll: who do you think will win the independence referendum?

Vote in our poll: which side will triumph in the independence referendum?

8th September 2014 by TFN

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Poll: Should we stop donating to charity shops?

Our second-hand donations result in African textile factories closing and people losing jobs. Do we just stop giving to charity shops?

18th July 2014 by Natasha Hallett

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