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Conference 2019: Game Plan for a Good Food Nation

This is a past event.

From 09:00 on 21st November 2019
to 17:00 on 22nd November 2019

2 West Tollcross EH3 9BP

Cost: £64

Conference 2019: Game Plan for a Good Food Nation

The conference is all about achieving change – how we get from where we are to where we need and want to be? What will it take to be a Good Food Nation?

Scottish Government have set ambitious targets in line with the Sustainable Development Goals and committed to bringing forward the Good Food Nation Bill. Now is the time to seize the opportunity for a healthier, fairer and more sustainable future for Scotland’s food system – we hope you will join us.

Developing a Game Plan:
For much of the two days you will be working in a team with a facilitator to come up with your team’s game plan – how can we deliver on the Good Food Nation goals? Along the way you will have the chance to listen to and work with pioneers, thinkers and change-makers, and to access ideas from Scotland and around the world.

- How can we increase dissatisfaction with the status quo (because without that there is no change)?
- Do we have a clear sharp vision of what better looks like?
- How locked in are we in the present system (resistance), what makes it so hard to change?
- And given all that, where should we focus our efforts on next steps?

At the end of the event, we’ll publish every team’s work in a conference report.

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