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Economics of Food and Wellbeing: an evening with Dr. Katherine Trebeck

This is a past event.

From 18:00 to 20:00 on 21st November 2019

2 West Tollcross EH3 9BP

Cost: £10

Pursuit of economic growth is the core goal of governments around the world. This is leading to unsustainable resource use, and in richer countries is increasingly disconnected from the wellbeing of people. Importantly, it’s no longer clear what the purpose of this growth is.

The Scottish Government has set out to reconnect these aims and to place equal weight on wellbeing as a goal of public policy.

But when it comes to food, growth can appear like the only sensible policy. After all, the population is growing, and we still have hundreds of millions of people with not enough to eat – in Scotland, the number of people going to food banks continues to rise.

What would happen if we put aside the economics of endless growth – and the associated risk and damage caused to the planet – and instead focused on how to better use and share the wealth of resources we already have? What does progress look like if growth is not the final goal? What are the ‘economics of arrival’ for food?

In this talk, Dr. Katherine Trebeck will discuss some key ideas from her new book - ‘arrival’ and ‘making ourselves at home’. With more than enough food for everyone already being produced in the world, there is no more needed. Most societies collectively have enough, so how can governments address remaining inequalities to ensure that everyone ‘arrives’ in this world of prosperity? And once we have arrived, how do we ‘make ourselves at home’ when it comes to food?

Join us to find out.

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