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Men Can Weep: Children need emotionally available dads

This is a past event.

From 09:15 to 15:30 on 30th May 2017

Victoria Chambers, 142 West Nile Street, Glasgow G1 2RQ

Cost: £100

Dads’ involvement in early years makes a vital difference to outcomes for children and their families. This one day conference will consider the evidence for why fathers’ involvement matters for health, social care and education services and then explore ways to ensure sustained inclusion and involvement of male carers in the provision of these services.

Following on from 2016 as the Year of the Dad, this event will hear the voices of dads and what fatherhood means to them, as well as explore the emotional challenges and opportunities that fatherhood presents. It will conclude by identifying practical steps for developing dad-inclusive practices for those working in statutory bodies and voluntary organisations.

Health & Social Care
Local Authority Area
Glasgow City Council
Human Development Scotland
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