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REHIS Food & Health

This is a past event.

From 10:00 to 17:00 on 18th February 2019

Hibernian Football Stadium, South Stand, Easter Road Stadium, 12 Albion Place eh7 5qg

Cost: £0

Royal Environmental Health Institute of Scotland
Elementary Food and Health Course

A Free Introduction to Nutrition & Healthy Eating
• Are you interested in food and healthy living?
• Do you feel confused by health and nutrition advice?
• Would you like to know more?
• Whether your interest is professional or personal this course is for you!

REHIS Food & Health is a nationally recognised certificated course which provides training in the principles of good nutrition and getting a healthy, balanced diet. Our highly qualified team of friendly and approachable Associate Nutritionists have wide experience of delivering REHIS training to people from different backgrounds and all levels of experience. This interesting and useful course is packed with clearly delivered information that aims to cut through all the mixed messages around nutrition. It is suitable for anyone who is interested in food & health, from catering staff, those working in food production, from those in caring & voluntary situations involving food to anyone with a personal interest.

What do you get out of it?

• Gain a clear understanding of general nutrition
• Gain practically applicable knowledge for the workplace and the home
• Understand the consequences of eating habits on health and disease
• Discuss the roles of carbohydrates, protein, fruit & vegetables, fat and fibre
• Understand the role of vitamins, minerals and trace elements
• Gain insight into maintaining a healthy weight
• Identify different ways of preparing and cooking foods for a healthy diet
• Learn how to make sense of food labelling

Who is this suitable for?

The course is open to everyone and is suitable for all who are interested in nutrition and healthy eating, along with those whose work or volunteering involves the handling or preparation of food.

A good level of language comprehension is required. Course materials and examination papers are only available in English. People with any learning or reading difficulties can receive additional assistance by arrangement.


The course takes seven hours and includes activities and a short multiple choice test. Topics covered are:

1. An Introduction to Food & Health
2. The Function of Food
3. Energy Measure and Influences on Food Intake
4. Eating for Health: Food and Well Being
5. Putting it all Together


“I really enjoyed the course. I found it educational and informative. I learnt many new things and I felt that the course level was just about perfect for those with some knowledge and those with little or none.”

“Classes were informal, welcoming and interactive, and presented in a clear and concise manner without too many big and confusing words where everything was explained. There were also helpful hand-outs which I could use at home.”

“I found the course very informative not only in my professional capacity but also personally too. I will be able to use the skills I learnt at work with the Young Carers I work with. Part of our program is healthy eating, so this information is a very useful tool to help the young people learn about healthy eating. I would strongly recommend it to everyone. Whether you work with food or not, information like this is so valuable in every-day life.”

“As a parent, food labelling was just figures before and held no meaning whereas now I understand actual levels of sugar, salt and fat in mass produced packaged meals and snacks. This enables me to ignore marketing hype and with new found nutrition information I can calculate myself whether products are truly good for me and my child.

In job terms, I now hold more valuable knowledge in vitamins and minerals to pass over to our service users and feel more equipped to answer nutrition based questions often asked by our fruit and veg customers/ patients. This benefits not only the stall but more importantly patients and families within the Edinburgh area. “

Community Café Manager
“The course was relevant to everything we do in our café and has made us think about salt, sugar and fat in recipes. As a café we have been thinking about applying for the healthy living award and this course has brought everything we need to know for that together and to the forefront. Also on a personal level, each of our volunteers that attended said they learned a lot and thoroughly enjoyed the course.”

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