Families & Young People

Schools are creating the philanthropists of the future

Tracey Bird sat on the judging panel of the Youth Philanthropy Awards at her local high school and was amazed with the results

15th June 2017 by TFN Guest

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Challenging bullying, promoting respect

Katie Rafferty on the achievements of the new anti-bullying service

14th June 2017 by TFN Guest

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When work-life balance is the norm not the exception

Having an empathetic employer means James Cunningham has been able to bringing up a disabled daughter as well as continue working full time

14th June 2017 by Robert Armour

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GE17: Celebrate young voters’ impact - and listen to them on Brexit

Jackie Brock praises the role of young people in making UK political history

9th June 2017 by TFN Guest

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Keep the Joy Alive for children with life-shortening conditions

Maria McGill explains why CHAS is embarking on a hugely ambitions project to double its fundraising income

6th June 2017 by TFN Guest

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Help me find 1,000 voices of care experience

Carly Edgar wants to hear the voices of care experienced people

31st May 2017 by TFN Guest

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Social security is a human right – not just a nice thing

Judith Robertson explains why she believes there is a public misconception about the right to social security

25th May 2017 by TFN Guest

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Why is shared parenting still a dirty term in the UK?

Ian Maxwell is heading to Boston to hear how shared parenting is being recognised as the best way forward for children around the world

22nd May 2017 by TFN Guest

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For children with ME, school education can be a grave threat

Lesley Scott explains why the Scottish Government presumption that attending school is always best can affect the health of children with ME

19th May 2017 by TFN Guest

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Named Person is a benign and legitimate way to improve child wellbeing

Colin Young explains why the upcoming Named Person law is not a "state guardian" or a threat to family freedom

16th May 2017 by TFN Guest

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SNP told: don’t tell us how to raise our kids

Lesley Scott says named person legislation is dictatorial and authoritarian

27th April 2017 by TFN Guest

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What’s it like delivering youth work on an island? It’s the best job in the world

Graeme Johnston was recently named National Youth Worker of the Year for his work with Arran Youth Foundations.

12th April 2017 by YouthLink Scotland

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A big step towards inclusive education, but the journey’s just beginning

Jan Savage welcomes a plan to create new education guidance to ensure pupils with learning disabilities are fully included in Scotland's schools

10th April 2017 by TFN Guest

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Has TFN riled you? It’s for your own good

Susan Smith on why Third Force News will not apologise for making you angry

5th April 2017 by Susan Smith

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Real Lives: I won’t allow cancer to consume my whole family

Geraldine Wellington, a mum of five, has cancer for the second time. She says the Beatson Cancer Charity is once again helping her and her family manage

3rd April 2017 by TFN Guest

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We took the government to court so can you

Fraser Sutherland says taking the government to court is part of Scotland’s democracy growing up

30th March 2017 by TFN Guest

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Tory and media Brexit rhetoric is toxic and chauvinistic

Jackie Brock calls out Theresa May on damaging and contradictory messages that are again excluding the UK’s children and young people from a major issue

30th March 2017 by TFN Guest

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It’s agonising hearing my mum cry but it’s 3am and I have two essays to finish

Keith Burns on the often distressing and impossible difficulty of juggling being a student and a carer

28th March 2017 by TFN Guest

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Swinney: Not all named person debate has been helpful

John Swinney explains why he believes having a named person for every child will improve family life in Scotland

28th March 2017 by TFN Guest

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