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Were police morally right to pay a paedophile to inform?

Northumbria Police's use of an undercover convicted child abuser led to the conviction of 18 members of a major grooming gang, but was it right?

10th August 2017 by Robert Armour

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Are baby boxes a waste of money?

The packs for newborns are set to be fully rolled out in Scotland later this month, but some suggest they are little more than a gimmick

4th August 2017 by Gareth Jones

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Poll: should child benefit be topped up by £5 per week?

TFN poll: should child benefit be topped up by £5 per week?

29th June 2017 by Graham Martin

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Should carers be paid a minimum wage?

TFN poll: should carers be paid a minimum wage?

15th June 2017 by Graham Martin

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Poll: Should schools stay open during the summer holidays?

This summer has seen a series of stories highlighting the problems summer holidays cause modern parents? So, is it time schools stayed open all year round?

29th July 2016 by Susan Smith

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Increase Child Benefit or fund foodbanks?

Food poverty experts have called on the Scottish Government to increase Child Benefit by £5 a week rather than fund foodbanks - do you agree?

8th July 2016 by TFN Staff

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Poll: Should primary school pupils have to sit national exams?

Will national tests help close the attainment gap or lead to a nation of stressed out five-year-olds?

19th May 2016 by Paul Cardwell

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Poll: do you support Named Person?

Take part in TFN's Named Person poll

7th April 2016 by Graham Martin

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Should single mums have to pay to track down absent dads?

The government run Child Maintenance Service charges £20 and a 4% collection fee to single mums to track down absent dads - is this fair?

5th February 2016 by TFN Staff

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Are foodbanks an indictment of our times?

TFN poll: are foodbanks an indictment of our times or a great response to social need?

18th December 2015 by Graham Martin

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Poll: Should children be forced to exercise at school?

With some of the worst child obesity rates in Europe is it time to force children to exercise at school every day?

5th November 2015 by Paul Cardwell

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Should Jobcentre staff be housed in foodbanks?

People often visit foodbanks because they can't find work, but is it a good idea to have Jobcentre staff waiting for them there?

29th October 2015 by Robert Armour

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Is the internet a human right?

In the run up to TFN's upcoming technology special, we're asking readers whether access to the internet is essential for modern living

17th August 2015 by Susan Smith

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Poll: Can charities cope with the demand created by welfare cuts?

Or will the £12bn cut from the welfare budget be the straw to break the camel's back

23rd July 2015 by Paul Cardwell

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TFN poll: should the UK take in migrant children?

TFN poll: should the UK provide a home to unaccompanied migrant children stranded in the Mediterranean?

18th June 2015 by Graham Martin

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Poll: are young people spoilt?

It seems that young people today have more toys, clothes, games and opportunities than ever before but is it making them soft? What do you think?

12th March 2015 by TFN Staff

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Poll: Should parents ever be allowed to hit their children?

Join the debate: is smacking ever acceptable?

19th January 2015 by Susan Smith

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Do young people lack grit?

Are our young people’s attitudes today worse than previous generations or are they being made convenient scapegoats for a failed economy?

2nd September 2013 by TFN Staff

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