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Kim McGinley of Includem talks about her career

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High school attended: 

St Augustine’s High School, Edinburgh. 

Qualifications (if any):   

SVQ 3 Children and Young people – NC & HNC Social Care. I have recently completed SVQ 4 Children and Young People. 

Career history : 

In my teenage years, I did jobs such as catering, waitressing, shop assistant, cleaning and a chamber maid. At the age of 27, I decided to go back into further education to both gain qualifications and to specialise in an area of interest. I successfully completed both an NC and HNC in social care. I supported adults with learning disabilities for two years before beginning my journey, supporting young people and their families.

What does your current role involve?  
I joined Includem as an assistant project worker in 2004 and was based in Glasgow and in 2009 I was promoted to project worker. I have been a team manager with Includem since 2016. Within this role I have responsibility for providing support to a team of staff and ensuring that young people and their families access a good quality of service. The role also involves providing support to staff across all of our service delivery areas in Scotland during evenings and weekends. I am also part of a wider team of managers and senior managers and within this have responsibility to contribute to service review and development in line with organizational priorities and wider governance. 

Most satisfying job you’ve had?  
Being part of Includem is hugely satisfying for me as it has enabled me to develop as a practitioner in an area of work which remains important to my own values and beliefs. It is also satisfying to be part of ongoing development of services so that more young people can have access to the support that they need. 

Is this job where you always wanted to be?  
I made a decision 15 years ago to pursue my ambition which was to use my life experience to help others. Throughout the past 15 years I have been able to develop my knowledge and skills through both front line practice and latterly as a manager. 

What’s your best piece of career advice?  
Be true to your values and have confidence in your ability to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others. 

Most memorable moment in the workplace? 
Being asked by an ex service user to provide a reference for a dream job which was to become a diver. Following his time with Includem this young man had sustained stability in his life from a period where he had previously lacked any hope of being able to achieve this. 

How can others get into your profession? 
Experience is important so having some volunteering experience within social care setting can be valuable. Also accessing relevant social care qualifications either from within a post or through further education. Another way of gaining experience can be achieved through applying to be a sessional staff for Includem. 


Includem is a youth support charity that works with young people to help them transform their lives. They provide intensive, bespoke support to families in to help them overcome challenging circumstances.