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Should OSCR charge charities for its services?

Would you be willing to pay OSCR to regulate?

6th August 2018 by Robert Armour

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Poll: are overdraft charges a scam?

Calls have been made for banks to limit overdraft charges after it was revealed that massive profits are being gained from a small number of people

29th June 2018 by Gareth Jones

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Will GDPR devastate charity income?

One charity suggests it could lose two-thirds of its supporters as a result of GDPR. Is your organisation facing the same problem?

29th May 2018 by Alex Turnbull

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Will the Oxfam scandal hurt public confidence?

With the Oxfam sex scandal threatening to spill into the wider sector, there are fears that public confidence will be hit

13th February 2018 by Robert Armour

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Poll: is it ever OK for charities to accept tainted donations?

is it ever OK for charities to accept tainted donations?

25th January 2018 by Graham Martin

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Poll: should private schools be stripped of charity status?

TFN poll: private schools' charity status

25th August 2017 by Graham Martin

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Poll: Is two years too harsh a sentence for stealing £360,000 from a charity?

Poll: Is two years too harsh a sentence for stealing £360,000 from a charity?

22nd August 2017 by Graham Martin

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Poll: should charities stop door-to-door fundraising?

Should other charities follow RNLI and Oxfam's lead?

1st December 2016 by Graham Martin

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Are people who work for charities more charitable?

New research has revealed a third of people who work for charities don't give to good causes. Is this a surprise? What do you think?

4th August 2016 by Susan Smith

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Poll: should the UK remain a member of the European Union or leave?

TFN poll: should the UK remain in or leave the EU?

9th June 2016 by Graham Martin

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Poll: How should Scotland spend its share of the sugar tax?

A can of cola could cost 8p more when the tax is introduced in 2018

17th March 2016 by TFN

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Poll: what’s the fairest form of taxation?

TFN poll: what's the best form of taxation?

3rd March 2016 by Graham Martin

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Poll: Is it time to end the council tax freeze?

A new report from the Scottish Government's independent adviser on poverty says end the council tax freeze, do you agree?

21st January 2016 by TFN

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Is Creative Scotland right to fund the artist behind The Glasgow Effect?

Creative Scotland has come under fire for funding a controversial project which many believe patronises Glaswegians. What do you think?

7th January 2016 by Robert Armour

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Poll: Should charities follow RNLI’s lead and abandon cold calling?

​Bold move by RNLI. But should others follow at the cost of millions?

23rd October 2015 by Robert Armour

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TFN poll: public trust in charities

TFN poll on charity trustworthieness

18th September 2015 by Graham Martin

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Poll: Can charities cope with the demand created by welfare cuts?

Or will the £12bn cut from the welfare budget be the straw to break the camel's back

23rd July 2015 by Paul Cardwell

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Poll: should private companies profit from charity fundraising?

Fundraising is very much in the spotlight after a series of scandals over pressure tactics - should private companies be able to profit from fundraising at all?

9th June 2015 by Susan Smith

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Poll: is opposition to private school charity status class envy?

Private schools provide £29m a year in bursaries to Scottish student and saves the state from educating their pupils - do they therefore deserve charity status?

28th May 2015 by Susan Smith

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