World’s most generous people and how to contact them

Warren buffett

They're known for their incredible wealth but want to leave the world renowned for their generosity. As such the world's richest are literally giving it away. Here we list the world's most generous philanthropists (with their donations in dollars as they're mostly American) and the foundations they fund, just in case you want to get in touch.

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*All figures are compiled by Wealth-X

1. Chuck Feeney

1. Chuck Feeney

Lifetime Giving: $7.5 billion (all of current net worth)

Feeney decided to give all of the cash he made from Duty Free shops to good causes via his The Atlantic Philanthropies. Now 81 years old, he’s even given his house away and lives in rented accommodation.

2. Karen and Jon Huntsman

2. Karen and Jon Huntsman

Lifetime Giving: $1.55 billion (160% of current net worth)

Husband and wife team, the Huntsman’s made their billions through chemicals. Jon survived prostate and mouth cancer and, as a result, established the Huntsman Cancer Institute.

3. W. Barron Hilton

3. W. Barron Hilton

Lifetime Giving: $1.3 billion (137% of current net worth)

Barron Hilton, of Hilton Hotels fame, joined the company bearing his father’s name in 1950. Following his father’s example, he has committed the bulk of his personal fortune to the Hilton Foundation.

4. Gordon and Betty Moore

4. Gordon and Betty Moore

Lifetime Giving: $5.37 billion (71% of current net worth)

Moore co-founded Intel in 1968 but these days he is focused on philanthropy. He retired from his corporate positions in 2006 and currently runs the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation with his wife

5. Eli and Edythe Broad

5. Eli and Edythe Broad

Lifetime Giving: $4.22 billion (57% of current net worth)

Through The Broad Foundation, billionaire financier and housebuilder Eli Broad and wife Edythe have created groundbreaking independent institutions in each of its three investment areas of public education, science, and the arts.

6. Irwin and Joan Jacobs

6. Irwin and Joan Jacobs

Lifetime Giving: $706 million (50% of current net worth)

Irwin Jacobs cofounded mobile chipmaker Qualcomm in 1985, but since retiring from its board in 2012, he has focused on giving away his fortune through the Jacobs Family Foundation. It funds community change and works to empower individuals.

7. George Soros

7. George Soros

Lifetime Giving: $12.1 billion (49% of current net worth)

Known as the man who broke the Bank of England, billionaire Hungarian financier Soros is also one of the world’s most generous people. He launched his philanthropic work in South Africa in 1979. Since then he has given most of his wealth to his Open Society Foundations, which works in over 100 countries around the world.

8. Julian and Josie Robertson

8. Julian and Josie Robertson

Lifetime Giving: $1.56 billion (43% of current net worth)

The “Wizard of Wall Street” Julian Robertson earned his billions from hedge funds. Now alongside his wife and family, he has created the Robertson Foundation to fund not-for-profit groups and to encourage philanthropy from the billions he made from the financial boom in the 1980s and 1990s

9. Bill & Melinda Gates

9. Bill & Melinda Gates

Lifetime Giving: $32.91 billion (41% of current net worth)

Easily the most famous philanthropists in the world, the Gates’ have encouraged other billionaires to give their cash to their foundation. Warren Buffett (below) did so saying he didn’t have a clue how to give his immense cash away. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation issues grants for initiatives and programs across the globe, focusing on agricultural development, emergency relief, global libraries, urban poverty, global health, and education

10. Warren Buffett

10. Warren Buffett

Lifetime Giving: $25.54 billion (39% of current net worth)

Despite being one of the world’s richest men, Warren Buffett always shunned the trappings of wealth and still lives in the first house he bought. Buffett made a commitment to gradually give all of his cash to philanthropic foundations and will leave the bulk of his wealth to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

21st January 2019 by Joanne Prioleau

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20th May 2019 by Louisa Ayuba

I need sponsorship in caring for the orphans, Vulnerable Children, abused children and internally displaced children.

20th May 2019 by Peter ward

Can someone help a dear friend out over the last 12 months she has had two of her children commit suicide both by hanging them selves her young boy was only 14 years old and her young daughter who was 16 years old. My dear friend needs a break she still resides in the home her both kids took there lives and as humans we all know that it's not a great place to be as it is a complete reminder every second of the day of the loss of her gorgeous kids SOMEONE PLEASE HELP this poor woman. The mother Chantelle your one amazingly strong person

21st May 2019 by Yvette Langford

I really need help. I am disable and I recently came into a financial crisis. I don't have money to buy food at times I have to go without eating. I have lost a lot of weight. This situation has me beyond stressed. I cannot sleep. Please help me. I desperately am in need

21st May 2019 by Kerry Scott

These people who give to charities are amazing

21st May 2019 by Marina

I just wish someone can help me to pay my taxes. I got two jobs and I just can't pay. I got a husband who is older than me and a 17 year old boy with diabetes type 1.... and is hard for me... thank you

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I thank you for what you do. I do not need help personally but my church need help we are a small church in a small town that growing. Our church is paid building is paid off. All the older members have die and and we have a new young generation that is attending but the older generation left a debt and we owe for a building that was built about 18 year ago and we are need to finish paying it off. If we can get that help we can do alot for our community try worry about a debt that was handle badly we are praying that someone will read this and help may God to bless those read this.

31st May 2019 by Mr a.s.m munawwar from trincomalee sri lanka

I always admire rich people and the way they help people i mean their philanthrophy

31st May 2019 by Mr a.s.m munawwar from trincomalee sri lanka

I also like to feed the poor and the destitute

1st June 2019 by Dawid

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15th June 2019 by Jennifer Spain

Hi, my name is Jennifer Spain I figure this will be a huge longshot but I'm willing to try anything at this point. I see that you have a love for helping others.My best friend, my love, my husband has been battling an illness for 2 years now... Doctors do not know what is causing his illness. They recommend him see a specialist to run tests to find out why he is vomiting(plus other symptoms tjat need not be said) everyday all day for the past two years.Since he became ill he hasn't been able to work. We do not have insurance and are trying to make it on my income. After a $5,000 upper gi done at the hospital the doctors are still unsure as to what could be causing him to endure this illness. His specialist wants to run more tests to try and pinpoint the issue. But I had to get a loan to do the first procedure and now am out of financial assistance.He feels worthless that he can't care for me like a man wants to do for his wife. But I always try to reassure him that he would do the same for me, through sickness and in health, though thick and thin. I love him and feel terrible that I can't help him. We have tried many local organizations that help low income families but have been turned down because they only help those who have a job, but just don't make enough to afford healthcare. We apply for Medicaid/Medicare every 6 months and get denided everytime....Like I said in the beginning, I'm sure you get a lot of people asking for help. But at this point I am willing to try anything within my power to be able to get him the medical help he desperately needs.... It's a horrible feeling knowing that someone you love, to the ends of the earth, is in pain and you cannot help them.All I want is to be able to get him the medical help he desperately needs. That is all! I am terrified that one day I will come home and find him dead. And it will be my fault because I didn't keep trying, keep pushing to find a way to get him the medical help he desperately needs.I do apologize if this email is in anyway a problem or if i am contacting the wrong person. But I will keep trying to find any way that I can to get him to the doctor.Thank you for your time, Jen.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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9th July 2019 by Sam Kase, Washington State

I am an ability challenged 53 year old, on SSD benefits, and I train medical alert & response service dogs. I match them with handlers that depend on the skills their dog provides them with, in making a difference in their lives.Financial crisis has greatly affected my ability to provide my services, ... A (not at fault) accident, had totalled the truck that was my resource for transporting dogs and supplies, ...which led to affecting my ability to generate an income to feed and house 20 dogs in training.Already having to give up 9 dogs, my training and boarding facility, 11 dogs continue live in my home with me. My SSDI benefits barely meets 1/3 of my monthly food and expenses. Often we go without eating, and I am at home 90% of the time, having to sacrifice my free time. I have no means in bettering my situation.

11th July 2019 by Angela

Firstly I apologise for asking for your money that you obviously worked hard for, but it is with shame and regret and something I never dreamed of doing, im truly ashamed and disguted with myself for letting my pitiful life get so bad that I am resorting to this. I have no particular purchase or amount I 'need', im sending this request knowing its cheeky and actually not expecting to receive another persons own money, but before I actually fling in the towel, i owe it to my son to explore every avenue to try mend my lonely dark pitiful existence that the poor boy didnt ask to be born into. We have no money, hes never been on a hkliday, we dont even have passports thy are too expensive!! Its school holidays, we have been to local swing park and 'exploring' in local countryside area, purely because its free, if we have even a 'day out' we are food rationing for days afterward to make up gor money spent on non essentisls, and everyday im saying no to days out, no to a sweetie, no to cinema, no to a sleepover and everyday another piece of my heart breaks. I have no family or friends thst could spare anything near what id need to live even nearly comfortably, i already work 3 jobs, i dont go out socialising or buy any new clothes, make up etc. I barely sleep because i know im months behind on my mortgage and worry that this could be the day we are evicted. I know my endowment mortgage ends this year but endowment hasnt been paid for years so in December if not evicted before then, there will be no policy there to pay mortgage bslance and low and behold thats around ths same time Mr Claus should be here. I have tried and failed at all the usual avenues eg. Loans, banks, citizens advice, extra hours, extra jobs, but I just owe, owe, owe. I dont remember the last time I slept through a night, or didnt cry when my son tries to hide his disappointmebt when i say NO to everything he asks to do during school holidays or when i watch him wave to his friends as they all heading off to airport/caravans for holidays. Im just tired, exhausted, ashamed and finished, i genuinely cant see a turning point only deeper darker despair, i came across this website with links to generous millionnaires by happenchance, abd despite being appalled that ppl think its acceptable to just ask for money from others, and yes its a last chance saloon to be around for my sons life as long as possible, i needed to at least try then i can always justify any future final decisions knowing I explored EVERY possible channel and then some before I gave into it all.

15th July 2019 by Kevin

I moved from New York to Denver on a whim for a job. I only knew one person in the whole state, and we hadn't spoken in years. I reignited our friendship, and a few weeks after moving here there was a birthday party planned for her. I was unable to go due to just starting a new job and not having enough money to socialize yet. Her (my friend) then boyfriend (now husband) got into a car accident and the party was postponed. This time I was able to go. At her birthday party, I met a woman named Heather. She spent all night making fun of me, while I made her laugh. I belted every word to Shania Twain's "Man I Feel Like A Woman" at the bar while shooting pool (terribly). We all spent the night at Heather's condo, after going out. The next morning I woke up on the couch cuddling with Heather's two dogs. We walked across the street to the coffee shop and we spent over three hours playing chess and getting to know each other. On my drive home, I called my best friend and declared "I found the one!" From that day forward we have been in love, and we have spent every single day together, except when one of us traveled. It took two weeks of being together every day before we had our first kiss, and once again I knew I had found the one I was going to spend the rest of my life with.My now wife and I picked the perfect wedding venue, the perfect date, everything was perfect. It was even more than doable price wise when we picked it. Before the wedding my now mother in law kicked us out of the condo we were renting from her (violated her own lease) so she could sell it. We have 5 beautiful pets (three dogs and two cats) and we were almost out on the streets. We could not find anything to rent with the animals, and we could not stand the heartbreak of giving our babies up. We bought a house together, out of necessity, two years earlier than we had planned, and paid for the rest of our wedding. Forcing us to live off of credit cards to get by. Family, the one group we thought we could rely on, has put us in this situation, where we see little hope.We were living in the Denver Metro Area and could not afford a house there. We moved to Colorado Springs. We both had to leave our good paying jobs because of the commute. We both found stable employment, but find ourselves making much less than we were before. Also two weeks before we were told we would be thrown out of the condo, Heather's sister, Bonnie, had a few major issues with her vehicle, that compromised her safety. This is the only way she has to get to and from work, and there were major safety issues. She could not afford to fix the vehicle, and could not afford to buy a new one. After a very quick discussion, Heater and I decided to pay $5000 to repair Bonnie's car instead of buying her a new one. That $5000 was meant to pay for our wedding, since we did not know we were going to be kicked out. The rest of the wedding money we had saved (and more) had to go towards our down payment on our house, leaving us struggling.Even though we are in this situation and are desperate to try and figure this out, we would make all the same decisions again. Protecting our animals, and protecting our family are and will always be more important. If you can help us see day light again with any support, or even a loan, it would be everything to us. My family is desperate, if you can do anything, it would be amazing, if not I understand.Thank you,Kevin

16th July 2019 by austin arierhire

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30th July 2019 by Helenito P. Gongora

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Hello, Reno Recording & Performing arts Collective is a non-profit 501 (C3) that has saved many young lives through music education and provides access to professional recording studios that is otherwise un-affordable. our mission is to serve under-served members of our local community to help develop musically, academically, socially, and emotionally primarily through the study of music, performance and recording arts. We have a need to create a clear separation away from the Washoe County school district in order to expand. To do that our operating budget is roughly $350K/year. Please contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) if you can help with our cause.

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