Poll: Is it wrong for a Tory MP to open a foodbank?


Tory MP David Mundell is opening a foodbank in Dumfries, despite formerly denying the link between Tory policies and a dramatic rise in their use

23rd July 2015 by TFN 9 Comments

Is it wrong for a Tory MP to open a foodbank?

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Is it wrong for a Tory MP to open a foodbank?

David Mundell, Scotland’s only Conservative MP, is to formally open a foodbank in his Dumfries constituency.

A collaboration between the Trussell Trust and Apex Scotland, campaigners say there’s a distinct hint of irony surrounding the occasion, considering Mundell’s party is the architect behind welfare cuts which force people to foodbanks in the first place.

Mundell himself has denied the link saying it is down to sanctions (i.e. benefit claimants’ own fault) and the rising cost of living. So is it wrong for a Tory to open a foodbank?   

24th July 2015 by John

I voted no because I feel it's important to put MP's on the spot. Foodbanks in their constituency shouldn't be celebrated and this should be used as an opportunity to question them on why they think this foodbank is necessary and what they intend to do to reduce the need for foodbanks. Ok, I too can predict the reply, but it shouldn't stop us chipping away at it.

24th July 2015 by Jason

Given than Mr Mundell is the Constituency Member of Parliament, it is only right that he is invited. A reminder to TFN and the rest of the naive Left is that food banks existed before the Tories came in during 2010. Indeed the SNP and Labour have been in administration at Holyrood and no-one's blamed them or said that SNP members should not open food banks. More significantly there has been food banks in existence since the nineteenth century and there sadly there will always will be, no matter which Party is running the Country. Time for TFN to get rid of the anti-Tory hate and report the facts.

27th July 2015 by David

A rather futile attempt here at drawing attention to a very important issue. Firstly it is strange to have an "opening" of a food bank surely the event should be mourned rather than celebrated? I for one would be ashamed to attend the opening of a food bank in my constituency if I was an elected member as it surely signals the failure of the state.Secondly the Trussel Trust have already highlighted that they invite the locally elected members to all openings in an article in TFN, so this is only a story because it is the first time they have opened one in the constituency of the only Scottish Conservative MP and ultimately it would be more of a story if they hadn't invited him.Surely the sector, as it preaches so often, is above playing politics with people's welfare? and so too should TFN.

27th July 2015 by Hetty

It is an absolute disgrace that people are actually going hungry in a rich country, in 2015. By country I mean the uk.Mundell won his seat by a few hundred votes, less than a thousand. He should be utterly ashamed to be 'opening' a foodbank.With reference to a comment by Jason on 24th July:I do wish people would really look at what is happening here. The cuts to 'welfare', once known as Social Security, are the policy of the Tory, and Labour partys in London, and the Libdems previous to this.The Scottish government have no control over 'welfare' and are not about to have any control anytime soon. The Scottish government are only able to cushion some of the blows from westminster. They mitigate the bedroom tax, and council tax, which is payable at 10-15% even if you have to rely 'welfare', ie, living on £72 a week.They have kept the EMA for students age 16-20. They have requested the power to alleviate suffering to those facing horrendous DWP sanctions. They have requested powers to stop Universal Credit in Scotland, this was also refused.We in Scotland, have free tuition, free prescriptions, free bus travel for over 60's, and a companion pass for carers when their cared for have a free bus pass. If you live in Newcastle, in England, you cannot get a bus pass until you are 65, and they certainly do not have the companion pass, anywhere in England as far as I can see.Scotland is forced to pay all revenues into the UK pot, and accept what we are given back in pocket money. It is like having your neighbour take your wages and give you back a wee portion to manage your rent and bills and food and everything else. It just is not enough to cushion all of the blows from Westmonster.Scotland pays more into the UK treasury than is returned to us, a fact. We are squeezed and asset stripped and cannot continue to cushion all the blows from the Tories and Labour, who as we know, voted for never ending austerity.We are facing more massive cuts and a cut to the Barnett formula, it is looking very worrying indeed. It is not the result of bad government in Scotland, but the result of cruel, unnecessary and destructive actions and policies by the Tory and Labour partys making these decisions in London, while people starve.

27th July 2015 by hetty

In my previous comment I meant that the people relying on dwp £72 a week have to pay a percentage, only in England, not Scotland.

28th July 2015 by Wee Shuggy

Foodbanks exist, and are growing in use, all over the planet. Is it seriously TFN's view that this global rise in foodbanks - which commenced before the Conservatvies came to power - is entirely the fault of the UK Conservative Government?The implication that foodbanks are a bad thing is also bewildering.TFN, the self styled voice of Scotland's Third Sector, believes that charity is a bad thing? Eh?

28th July 2015 by Joanna

Absoultely disgracefull that a first world country in the 21st century has food banks, it's like something out of Dickens, the government should be ashamed of themselves

13th October 2015 by jan


13th October 2015 by Lorraine

In one of the wealthiest countries in the world there should be no foodbanks.... It's all down to capitalist oppression and greed ... We do not live in a democracy we live in a kleptocracy where the government and elites orchestrate working people as their slaves by another name! This Queen,government and country is a global disgrace!