Poll: amidst Brexit chaos, is it time for another indyref?


There have been renewed calls for Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon to announce plans for a second independence referendum in the wake of the chaos over Brexit.

As the clock ticks down towards the date the UK must leave the EU, and with no agreements in place and acrimony growing by the day, independence supporters are urging the FM to push for a new indyref.

Polls have begun to show a support for Scottish independence if the UK crashes out of the EU with no deal.

In the 2016 Brexit referendum, 62% of Scots voted to remain.

The first minister has said she will “soon” update the nation on the possible timing of a second indyref.

That’s why we are asking: amidst the chaos of Brexit, is it time for another Scottish independence referendum?

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18th January 2019 by Graham Martin 46 Comments

Amidst the chaos of Brexit, is it time for another Scottish independence referendum?

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Amidst the chaos of Brexit, is it time for another Scottish independence referendum?

18th January 2019 by John

If there's a case for re-running the EU referendum then there's a case for another Independence referendum.

18th January 2019 by James

Use the mandate go for indyref2

18th January 2019 by John

If the sector is so worried about effects of leaving EU will be many times worse throwing in leaving the uk

18th January 2019 by Richard

If it is a means to retain our membership of Europe and protect us from the fallout from a 'No Deal' exit then yes, now is the time.

18th January 2019 by tom

what was promised during indyref was nowhere near delivered,in fact we are now less empowered. it's time for us to take responsibility for ourselves and the future.

19th January 2019 by Eddie Boyle

We'd be crazy not to.

19th January 2019 by Davie Rutherford

Significant change, not for the good since 2014, not to mention broken promises and lies around Indy and EU referenda.

19th January 2019 by Andy mcdowall

Independence,s has to come we need to get rid of the English government

19th January 2019 by Andrew Gordon

Indy ref 2 now

19th January 2019 by Paul Wilson

Scotland isn't in a Union of equals but is being absorbed by the larger country England who regards Britain and England as the same thing. Scots deserve better than the shambles that is Westminster!

19th January 2019 by Kieran Hamilton

Yes please, let's extract ourselves from the ongoing car crash that is the dying days of the British empire and stop putting up with the terrible decisions England makes on our behalf.

19th January 2019 by Peter A Macdonald

NOW IS THE TIME for indyref2, time to remove Scotland from the Brexit mess before we get dragged over the cliff and under the water with Little England. Use the mandate Nicola before we loose Holyrood! #DissolveTheUnionNow

19th January 2019 by Mary Stewart

Hell yes! The sooner the better ????????????????????????????

19th January 2019 by susan

sick of westminster rule,voted yes last time and will vote yes again

19th January 2019 by David

The sooner, the better, bring it on

20th January 2019 by Barbara Reid

All countries should be independent. It's normal for people to be able to make decisions that are right for them and not be outvoted by their neighbours.

20th January 2019 by Tania

Indyref 2 all the way!

20th January 2019 by Ricky

Independence is the norm, Scotland has more than enough resources which is why it is always in surplus and that is not including the oil.

20th January 2019 by Thomas Crosbie

The referendum is long overdue

20th January 2019 by John Clarke

I believe the people of Scotland have to recognise their own worth and the worth of their fellow country folk and realise that they have the power and the ability to make their lives better in every aspect. Stand strong and make the decisions that will ensure your grandchildren on-wards live in a fair, just and vibrant nation that looks after all its people.

20th January 2019 by Alan

Waited for 70years my Scotland

20th January 2019 by Steven

it is imperative for the future of Scotland that we get independence before anymore damage is done by westminster

20th January 2019 by Alan

The timing needs to be right! I'm happy to leave it to Nicola to choose the right time (she's a smart cookie). Choosing the wrong time & losing a second time will be the finish of our independence vision.

20th January 2019 by Adam smitb

Get scotland out of the union

20th January 2019 by Bill Rose

We need to move into the 21st century being part of an equal union where each state has a right of veto. Westminster is obsolete based on an upstairs downstairs elitism not fit for purpose

21st January 2019 by Angus macsween

Polls suggest that remain would win . Needs to be 60 40 before going for 2nd referendum

21st January 2019 by Cath Stevenson

The vow , was a lie, now is the time for independence. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

21st January 2019 by patricia patrick

75 years old this year and need independence NOW or I will not live to see it although I have voted for it always

21st January 2019 by Iain McKillop

We need our independence as soon as possible. The UK will do everything in its power to stop it! But with Brexit about to happen on 29/3/2019, the UK will be distracted in its own self-inflicted turmoil. Ideally, NS needs to declare Independence referendum sometime in March 2019, with the vote some time in May 2019. This should avoid all the UK pundits, BBC, politicians and Newspapers arriving in Scotland in their droves for months on end telling us how much they adore the Scots. The lead time to the vote needs to be short and quick. If some Scots are insure of how they should vote there is something wrong with them. Especially after the carry on with Brexit (equates to English independence). A longer lead time to the vote will not change things. Also we need to ask the EU nations to support us (loudly) in this cause. The vote should avoid Postal votes, except in special circumstances, where perhaps some proxy mechanism may be possible for incapacity, etc.

21st January 2019 by Donna

Tick Tock????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

22nd January 2019 by Dorothy Poole

As the people are Sovereign we dont need permissionbfrom Westminster to have another referendum. May keeps saying the Scots dot want another vote, as she asked us? The answers is no. So let's get on with it

22nd January 2019 by Sylvie

We were significantly lied to in the 1st indyref! Now is the time for independence!

22nd January 2019 by Lee (Arbroath)

Get us out and let us stay in.

22nd January 2019 by James Macphee

We should not be dragged down a road that will cause hardship for our vulnerable and our economy, Time England stood on its own two feet if they want to go let them, Stick the hard border in Scotland job done

22nd January 2019 by Sheila Kerrigan

Get us out before it is too late. When brevit happens Scotland will be sold off to highest bidder .

22nd January 2019 by John Mellon

they tell us repeatedly we have no appetite for Independence but if you repeat a story often enough people may believe you and this is what the unionist parties do they actually took this simple method from Hitler.

22nd January 2019 by Hugh

Since 1975 Westminster has been taking 92% of Scotlands oil. Only leaving 8% for the Scottish people. Theft on a grand scale. Last year the EU identified that Scottish farmers needed funding support to bring them in line with EU. The EU handed over millions£ to Westminster who then gave it to Welsh & English farmers instead. Thats Theft. Its ime for Scotland to be independent..

22nd January 2019 by Andrew Duncan

Best to hit the Tories while they're down... Never been a better time for Indy

23rd January 2019 by Andrew

It's not just Brexit it's that the UK government have the power to put Scotland in any situation like Brexit against Scotland's will, Brexit has shown us, the way this Brexit process has been handled has shown us that Scotland isn't and will never be an equal partner in union. It's time for a referendum on independence for Scotland, Brexit or no Brexit because Scotland has to make sure no matter what that there never again is a risk that something like this can happen again. Scotland trusted the union time and again and this is what she receive for her efforts, the people of Scotland deserve a chance to decide if the union is still worth the costs because it's becoming clear that Scotland can't afford to stay in this union.

23rd January 2019 by Keith Farrell

Independence is the only way

23rd January 2019 by Dave

Independence from the Union is completely different from independence from a trading arrangement (EU). I did not get the result which I wanted from either referendum but there has to be an acceptance of the vote. It is morally wrong to keep holding referendums until you get the result you want. I would much prefer that the Scottish Government focuses on staffing our schools with motivated teachers, improving infrastructure and pushing the Digital Scotland agenda to improve productivity.

23rd January 2019 by Denise scott

Yes independent for Scotland

23rd January 2019 by Denise

It's long overdue. Independence for Scotland.

24th January 2019 by Robert Slezas

watching how Westminster Tory's handling of Brexit casts doubts on the veracity of any recent referendum and certainly leads to the conclusion that any referendum should be run twice to confirm the legitimacy of any result

24th March 2019 by Jack Jones

Act of UnionIn Scotland's ayes, the saltire flies, tae lead a nation once more; sae brave of heart, in clans apert, may unite as once before.The thistle yearns, fer lochs and burns, tae nourish spirit and heel; frae lowland glen, tae heilan ben, a' will dance a, freedom, reel.

8th June 2019 by Chris Egan

I never voted in the last referendum but i will vote this time i will vote yes these lunatics at Westminster are nothing but liars