Poll: are you happy to pay for the royal wedding?

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If you’ve just got back from the moon, you may have missed that another royal wedding has been announced.

Prince Harry has said he will wed US TV star  Meghan Markle next spring, at a lavish ceremony at Windsor Castle.

The cost for this shindig is likely to be around the £23 million mark – a good proportion of which will, directly or indirectly, come from the public purse.

Many people are fine with this – indeed, the announcement of the nuptials was greeted with delight by most of the media.

But others have questioned spending any public money on the marriage of an already hugely wealthy couple, especially in an age of foodbanks, cut backs and austerity.

That’s why we’re asking: are you happy to pay for the royal wedding?

Vote now and get the debate going by leaving a comment below.

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1st December 2017 by Graham Martin 2 Comments

Are you happy to pay for the royal wedding?

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Are you happy to pay for the royal wedding?


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4th December 2017 by e

In this day when we have people mass unemployment, people feeling hopeless about there future low wages homelessness etc. we could do more with the money. The royal family if they had any decency would not expect the tax payer to fund a wedding.

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