Poll: ban snacking on public transport?

Snacking ban

‚ÄčA ban to stop people snacking on public transport has been mooted by an outgoing medical chief, in a bid to tackle childhood obesity.

However critics have said the move will have no impact on the nation's health.

So that's why we're asking: should snacking be banned on public transport? 

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11th October 2019 by Gareth Jones 8 Comments

Should snacking be banned on public transport?

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Should snacking be banned on public transport?

12th October 2019 by Marian Miller

Who''s idea is this?

14th October 2019 by Alice

How would this reduce obesity? People eat on transport because they are trying to save time. All you're doing is making it harder for people to fit in work, family and leisure.

14th October 2019 by KG

The suggestion kinda shows the lack of understanding of some people's lives. As a mature student struggling on a low income I used to have an 80 min 'local' journey each way to college on the bus. Being able to eat my toast and drink my made at home coffee meant I only had to get up at 6.45, not 6.30. And being able to have a sandwich on my way home meant I could actually eat something, sitting down, in the warm, before starting work.

15th October 2019 by Michelle Carruthers

For an older person who requires to consume more calories due to their health, snacking is recognized dietary advice to snack in between meals to get enough calories in each day to reduce their risk of malnutrition. Older people are also more likely users of public transport therefore banning snacking on public transport reinforces the message that snacking is bad and yet it may be very thing they need to maintain their calorie intake and sustain life.

15th October 2019 by moira symons

On a long journey, people have to eat. It would be nice if they didn't eat anything strong-smelling, but there are more important things to worry about than fellow passengers' eating habits. I don't think it would have any effect on obesity levels, but it would certainly make travelers more bad-tempered. Hungry people are grumpy people!

15th October 2019 by Ruchir Shah

Comes across as a very middle class perspective from a total lack of lived experience. A medical solution to a social issue. I hope the incoming UK CMO looks at the full evidence, not just the medical evidence before making recommendations like this.

16th October 2019 by Severine

Drinking alcohol on public transport should be ban as it often increase bad behavior and give bad examples to youngest.

16th October 2019 by Sharon

For some individuals grabbing a quick snack on a train or bus etc can be the only chance they have between meetings, visiting,etc..