Poll: does social media restrict freedom of speech?

Social media

​Is social media hindering or encouraging the right to free speech? 

14th April 2016 by Robert Armour 1 Comment

Does social media restrict freedom of speech?

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Does social media restrict freedom of speech?

He was an original social media trailblazer but now Stephen Fry has turned his back on Twitter believing it limits freedom of speech, following a backlash from comments he made during the Baftas earlier this year.

In a controversial interview for an American TV channel this week, Fry said he believes a growing number of people on social media – especially those in the public eye – are fearful to air their true feelings because of the now inevitable repercussions.

Yet many believe social media gives our thoughts and views unprecedented access to a potential global audience of millions.

What’s your view: is social media restricting freedom of speech instead of enabling it?


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21st April 2016 by Carolyn Yates

Women in particular welcome social media as a means of giving voice and find like minded people all over the world. Who cares that a few folk in the public eye feel inhibited? They should be more responsible than the average person. Their words carry more import than they should just because they are 'celeb's, they therefore need to take more care as they are role modes, influencers and shapers of society often beyond their actual capabilities and expertise warrant. Sochi media is a force for democracy and accountability.