Poll: is global warming causing this summer’s heatwaves?

Wild fire crop

Summer 2018 and the world is burning.

A heatwave has seen the highest ever temperature recorded in Glasgow, and water supplies drying up in Moray, while large parts of the UK bake.

Across the world, wildfires in Greece killed at least 60 people, hundreds dead or missing after flash floods in Laos collapsed a dam, Japan has declared its heatwave a natural disaster, after 65 deaths in a week and forest fires in Sweden are burning inside the Arctic Circle.

Record breaking temperatures have been also been recorded across the world over the last month, including Ottawa, Canada; southern California; Ouargla, Algeria; Tibilisi, Georgia; Tokyo, Japan; Sydney, Australia.

Scientists have said these events are linked to human-caused rises in global temperature – but a small group of climate change deniers have claimed they are nothing more than natural fluctuations in the weather.

So that’s why we’re asking: is global warming causing this summer’s heatwaves?

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27th July 2018 by Graham Martin 1 Comment

Is global warming causing this summer’s heatwaves?

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Is global warming causing this summer’s heatwaves?

16th August 2018 by Tiiu-Imbi Miller

I voted yes, with some hesitation because it is a badly worded question. There is no single cause. So if next summer we don't get such heat waves does that mean we have eliminated global warming?!!! It should be ' Is global warming a major contributor to this summer's heat waves?' Please get your science right. This is really a simple error.