Poll: is opposition to private school charity status class envy?


Gordonstoun is one of Scotland's most elite private schools and counts Prince Charles as a former pupil

Private schools provide £29m a year in bursaries to Scottish student and saves the state from educating their pupils - do they therefore deserve charity status?

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28th May 2015 by Susan Smith 2 Comments

Is opposition to private school charity status class envy?

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Is opposition to private school charity status class envy?

The Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations this week called for a review of the charity status of private schools, highlighting they spend on average just 6.1% of their income on bursaries. The charity sector umbrella body said this means they do not provide enough public benefit to deserve the tax breaks of charity status. In response the Scottish Council for Independent Schoosl highlighted the £29m a year that private schools do spend on bursaries, and pointed out that the overall savings to the state, which doesn't have to educate these pupils, is much higher. 

So, why does the charity status of private schools annoy so many people? Are Scots not rich enough or clever enough to attend them just jealous? What do you think?

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1st June 2015 by Margaret

Talking % of income spent has got to be playing with numbers, what is the spend after expenses eg paying staff and buildings upkeep? This might be a more realistic view.

1st June 2015 by Hetty

Just wonder what rates they pay? What amount of tax?Our local private school is incredibly well equipped, and had a state of the art science centre built, in recent years all paid for by the lottery.local schools have nowhere near the facilities and as they are not charities, could not benefit from lottery funding, seems an anomoly.Private schools equal privelege, no one should benefit from which school they are able to afford to attend. Also remembering that state schools are often crumbling and teacher student ratio leaves the children there at a huge disadvantage. No to charitable status, private schools are exclusive, no matter where their students come from, or what their background is.