Poll: is the BBC biased against Scotland?

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A mock-up of the billboards.

‚ÄčAn activist group has divided opinion by crowdfunding to place billboards accusing the BBC of anti-Scottish bias. What do you think?

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27th October 2016 by Graham Martin 12 Comments

Is the BBC biased against Scotland?

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Is the BBC biased against Scotland?

An activists’ crowdfunding campaign has raised more than £8000 to place a series of billboards across the country “exposing” what it says is BBC bias against Scotland.

Inform Scotland, a nationalist group, says the corporation misreports what happens in the country as a means of blocking the independence movement.

The anti-BBC campaign springs from events during the 2014 indyref, which saw demonstrations outside the BBC HQ in Glasgow, which demanded the sacking of journalists.

The BBC itself has stringently denied it is biased, and many in the independence movement have distanced themselves from the Inform Scotland stunt, saying it harms the cause.

However, among some nationalist circles the idea has gained favour, especially on social media where an active community vigorously attacks what it calls the MSM - the mainstream media.

That’s why we’re asking: what do you think? Is the BBC biased against Scotland?

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28th October 2016 by Graeme Purves

The reason the BBC is unable to remedy the problem is that it refuses to acknowledge that anything is amiss.

1st November 2016 by Josef

Watch Russia Today, it is completely impartial.

1st November 2016 by Freddy Williamson

Why is the BBC not exposing Westminster's lies about Rangers taxes?

1st November 2016 by Malcolm J Hall

What they do is very subtle so most don't recognise the numerous things that is fed to us.

1st November 2016 by Fiona MacLeod

Unquestionably biased..

1st November 2016 by Dave

If they claim they arent biased...then are they going to dismiss the quantitative data collected by professor Robertson? Q.Why are there more academics trying to influence the public on the BBC who are pro Union than there are academics who are able to voice the benefits of an Independent Scotland?

1st November 2016 by Kate Shillibeer

I absolutely know that the BBC are biased and misrepresent our country and it's people. They are a disgrace.

2nd November 2016 by Henry McMillan

Accountability is a 'tick box' exercise for the BBC. Try making a complaint!!!

13th December 2016 by Jean

The recently made documentary 'London Calling' will leave you in no doubt about the monumental bias of the BBC against Scotland on every level. It's high time Scotland had its own public broadcaster like other countries. Everything we see and hear on the BBC is controlled by London and manipulated by Westminster.

9th March 2018 by Steve

The BBC sports programme recently of Scotland v England at Rugby, was a perfect example of bias. The commentary and panel, consisted of an English presenter, 2 ex English players, 1 ex Irish and 1 ex Scottish player. This was at Murrayfield too! During the game, the commentator mentioned the word 'we' numerous times, referring to England. There was a reference to English footballers being world class, and then it was all about England having an off day. Should be renamed the English Broadcasting Corporation

8th April 2018 by R Hawksby

Over the last 4 years I have never watched BBC news in Scotland because it does not report what is actually happening in Scotland and has nothing positive to say about Scotland.

5th November 2019 by RM

No More Bias? and their not hiding it? Cancel your TV Licence save your money.