Poll: should Christmas crackers be banned?

Xmas cracker

Christmas is a time to be jolly, and for many families Christmas crackers are a key part of the festive season.

However eco-group BusinessWaste this week called for a ban on crackers and shiny wrapping paper as they create an “unnecessary waste” of money, resources and energy and claims consumers often abandon their “good recycling habits” on the big day.

Earlier this year, John Lewis and Waitrose said they would stop selling Christmas crackers containing plastic toys in a bid to reduce plastic usage.

So we are asking: do you think Christmas crackers should be banned?

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22nd November 2019 by Gareth Jones 8 Comments

Should Christmas crackers be banned?

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Should Christmas crackers be banned?

22nd November 2019 by Wee Fee

I don't think Christmas Crackers should be banned - they should be replaced by recyclable material and "proper" toys or treats - loo rolls and paint ...wi a sweetie in the middle !!

22nd November 2019 by Scrooge

There aren't half some killjoys going about!!

25th November 2019 by Fran

Too simple a question! Banning plastics and unethical material, yes. There must be safer/saner alternatives!?

28th November 2019 by Sophie Brown

I think it is possible to make eco-friendly crackers and if the government were to look at banning products there are probably other more damaging items that should be addressed first (eg. fizzy drinks in non-recyclable plastic bottles)

28th November 2019 by CatherineLyons

This is irresponsible journalism and you should know better. It's just clickbait polarising the issue and provoking resentment of pressure to be more sustainable. Here's what BusinessWaste *actually* said: "Ditch the shop-bought crackers and make your own. All it takes is the middle out of a loo roll, a bit of tissue paper, and a bit of imagination for a gift and a joke." Their article is far more nuanced than yours: https://www.businesswaste.co.uk/should-christmas-crackers-be-banned/

28th November 2019 by Annie Silver

Why not ban all commercial activity around Xmas, Easter, Halloween, etc. Think how much we will all save in terms of plastic, shiny paper, and other assorted rubbish. And the savings in monetary terms!

29th November 2019 by lok yue

Dear Annie SilverTheir was a guy in Dickens who did that But he changed Ho Ho Ho Come on folks: lets enjoy our annual bachanalia: its good fun

12th December 2019 by Loubelle

As long as the paper is recyclable and the object inside are too and not silly plastic useless rubbish which fills landfills!