Poll: should greyhound racing be banned?

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Calls have been made for greyhound racing to be banned after figures released by the sport’s governing body showed the toll taken on animals.

The League Against Cruel Sports (LACS) says time should be called on dog racing after the Greyhound Board of Great Britain (GBGB) admitted that more than 1,000 racing greyhounds die or are killed each year.

It has also been revealed that racing dogs suffer almost 5,000 injuries a year, meaning one in every three racing dogs is injured.

Chris Luffingham, director of campaigns at LACS, said the figures show “it’s time greyhound racing was consigned to the ranks of cruel sports which are no longer acceptable.”

However, this week the GBGB launched The Greyhound Commitment, an eight point agenda for the sport, covering animal welfare.

This is why we’re asking: what do you think? Should greyhound racing be banned?

Vote now and join in the debate by leaving a comment below.

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16th March 2018 by Graham Martin 785 Comments

Should greyhound racing be banned?

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Should greyhound racing be banned?

16th March 2018 by Jenny Spence

This cruelty must stop!

16th March 2018 by Douglas Hooker

Greyhound racing is a dog killing industry. Outdated it belongs in the history books.

16th March 2018 by fiona n

there is no place for the brutal cruelty surrounding greyhound racing in this 21st century. The official statistics on deaths and injuries reflect only the tip of a massive and horrific 'iceberg'. Ever wondered why you rarely ever see a greyhound puppy? Because at least 50% of greyhound puppies are killed off before the age of 12 months - few of these are even euthanased by a vet, the bolt gun or a spade over the head is more cost-effective after all. And the official statistics do not address the conditions that so many greyhounds have to live their lives in- muzzled for 23 hours a day because the relentless health-destroying monotony of being contained in a cage for that 23 hours leads to self-harming as the only means of obtaining some form of stimulation - similar to the self-harm seen in human prisoners in non-contact solitary confinement. Cold, dark, damp blood-stained sheds are commonly the abode of racing greyhounds even after retirement, where they suffer arthritic pain, dreadful dental pain as their uncared for mouths develop dreadful infections and abscesses due to the poor diet and lack of a means to maintain dental hygiene. The state of the poor dogs released into rescue from these hellholes must be seen to be believed - again, horrific! There has proved to be no will whatsoever from those in the racing world to improve welfare for racing and ex-racing greyhounds, or to stop the mass over-breeding to feed the sick industry, therefore the only answer is to ban the activity outright as all humane countries and states have already done.

16th March 2018 by Jacqueline walker

This is not a sport, an excuse for cruelty. Ban all greyhound racing.

16th March 2018 by K

Ban greyhound racing it is cruel

16th March 2018 by Patricia Miller

Too many suffering greyhounds, and worse suffering if not good enough...abuse, cruelty and carelessness in an animal that would always do thr best it could to make you happy.

16th March 2018 by julie price

I would not want to see greyhound racing banned , dogs love to chase and racing gives them the chance to do what they were bred for , We have 2 retired racers agd 13 at home and all our dogs have been kept after their racing days are over

16th March 2018 by Andrew Bell

Let the dog see the hare !!

16th March 2018 by Richard wood

Greyhound racing is good it brings people to meet each other who Owen greyhounds. You have good times and become good friends.thats what I think anyway.

16th March 2018 by Andrew Bell

Let the dog c the hare !!antis will be antis ????

16th March 2018 by Isabelle Andrews

Cruelty ,doping and slaughter of these innocents if they don’t run fast enough need I say more ,get it banned stop it mow

16th March 2018 by Andrew Bell

Let the dog c the hare ????

16th March 2018 by jim parker


16th March 2018 by Kevin Lindsay

Greyhound racing is under attack from 'keyboard warriors' who hold multiple anonymous social media accounts which they use to harrass those of us involved in the sport. I have offered these people the opportunity to come and visit my retired racer and my racer but they never take up the invitation. My dogs were born and bred to race and have never been "forced" to do anything in their lives.

16th March 2018 by KIM SANZONE

Greyhounds love to race and are revered and treated like the supreme athletes they are by their trainers and loved and adored by their owners so no it should not be banned.

16th March 2018 by Millie

No greyhound racing shouldn’t be banned! #borntorace #lovetochase

16th March 2018 by Lazyfastdog

Corruption & lies but by their own admittance 257 dogs died on the track whilst racing last year.. 355.others that they admitted to perished because no home could be found for them when they were no longer racced. This report doesn't take into account those that never made the grade & were not registered or those exported to such countries as China to live in horrific conditions... It doesn't taken into account the dogs kenneled for 23 hours a day, those that are drugged, the list goes on of how these gentle dogs are treated. The racing industry has had 91 years to prove it cares about the welfare of the dogs... All it's proved so far is that it couldn't care less! http://www.cagednw.co.uk/greyhoundinjuries.html

16th March 2018 by Rita

We are one of the very few countries left to allow the exploitation and cruelty of greyhounds for profit, and entertainment. Ban it!!

16th March 2018 by Collin

I'm guessing the pro racing arseholes will be out In force to inundate this poll with multiple votes each from different devices. After all these common gutter morons think nothing if doping their dogs with class A drugs etc. Greyhound racing WILL end it's only a matter time as more and more decent people are becoming increasingly aware of the inherent cruelty involved in this archaic activity.

16th March 2018 by Lorraine Yates

The exploitation and cruelty of these beautiful dogs needs to end

16th March 2018 by Melanie Mahoney

Stop using and abusing these beautiful animals! This "industry" needs to be banned worldwide.

16th March 2018 by Carol Robinson

Greyhound racing is barbaric. These wonderful dogs love running not racing.

16th March 2018 by louis gauci

This called sport is supported by GREEDY and SELFISH individuals. They do not care at all about the well-being of these beautiful animals.

16th March 2018 by Sarah Underwood


16th March 2018 by Rachel Atkinson

Greyhound racing is a cruel and primitive sport which involves the abuse and exploitation of animals. The animals suffer not only because racing itself is dangerous and likely to cause death or injuries but what happens behind the scenes involves cruelty too. From breeding puppies that don't make the grade and are culled, the conditions that most of the greyhounds have to live in, the horrific and inhumane ways some of the animals are disposed of once they are no longer racing to ex racers being sold to China where they are slaughtered for meat. It is an inherently cruel industry and it is unrealistic to believe that it will regulate itself to improve welfare. An outright ban is the only way forward.

16th March 2018 by Tracy Eddleston

Definitely should be banned. Its a cruel sport with no regard to the animals. They are used and abused in all types of weather and disgarded like trash when they don't make the grade.

16th March 2018 by Wendi Tremblay

Trainers love their dogs, and know that with neglect they would not run well. I have seen the conditions at many kennels and it is better than some homes that keep dogs as pets. Take out individuals who don't measure up, don't kill a whole industry because of a few. The chase and the run is a part of these dogs. People who own them either at the track or retired know this. The general public doesn't.

16th March 2018 by ronnie

these idiots wanting to ban greyhound racing have never been in a kennel,...they are like lemmings they know nothing but want to be political correct...follow the others over the cliff no matter what....i have been in many kennels and seen nothing but love for the pups...have owned pet greyhounds,,,you hear nothing from these jerks about greyhounds have the highest adoption rate of ant dog...these idiots would rather have them like other dogs,,,PUT TO SLEEP ...

16th March 2018 by Geoff roberts

To people who say, "they love to run", there's a world of difference between running in a field as a household pet and leading a miserable existence in a squalid, freezing shed before being 'disposed of' when you stop winning races. Greyhound racing is self-regulated and exists solely to make as much money as possible from gambling punters. The RSPCA had no authority to investigate cruelty involving greyhounds.

16th March 2018 by louise despointes

those races are evil & barbaric for those dogs, fed up of men using animals for their pleasure not caring for their well being & death, why don't men fight with each others just like gladiators did, & do not use animals anymore

16th March 2018 by Valerie

Racing greyhounds are kept in concrete kennels 24/7, they are drugged, abused, forced to race on dangerous tracks. Countless break their neck, their back, their legs, then they are ruthlessly killed as nobody wants to pay the vet bill. How is that still legal in the UK in 2018? Greyhounds are overbed, which means even if they survive racing, most will not find a home and will be disposed of as a result. Please ban racing, greyhounds make wonderful pets. They deserve loving homes, like any other breeds.

16th March 2018 by Elizabeth Mork

Absolutely not! I have 3 retired racers who are the happiest dogs I have ever had. You can tell they were loved during their careers as racers. I love watching greyhounds do what they love to do! I have visited kennels and foster retired racers on their way to loving homes. Educate yourself!

16th March 2018 by Terri


16th March 2018 by Catherine Beak

Ban it now!

16th March 2018 by Wendy Pardy

Greyhound racing should be banned because so many greyhounds lose their lives, either being killed as pups because they are considered not up to scratch, on the racing track, or through injuries acquired while racing which their trainers don’t think worthwhile to spend the money on veterinary treatment, and when they reach the advanced age of 3 or 4 their trainers often have them euthanised rather than find them a new loving forever home.

16th March 2018 by Lorena Delgado

This is not a sport, it's exploitation and cruelty for entertainment!

16th March 2018 by frances heath

Yes greyhound racing should be banned. It is outdsted animal cruelty.

16th March 2018 by Aisling

It should be banned. The GBGB’s own figures, massaged as they are, show that at least 1k greyhounds were killed in 2017 as a result of this industry. That equates to one greyhound killed every 11.5 hours or so. It does not include Ireland, where the vast majority of greyhounds racing in the UK are bred. Anyone who turns a blind eye to dog deaths and cruelty just so they can watch a dog running for 30 seconds needs to take a good, long look at themselves. Let’s hope they evolve.

16th March 2018 by Jackie

Beyond cruel

16th March 2018 by Deborah Mellonie

It's shocking that greyhound racing is still allowed. It's just cruelty and corruption. Our government is letting us down by allowing it to carry on. They must get their act together and listen to the majority. The breeding of these wonderful dogs is totally out of control. How many puppies survive out of all the litters born. We all know what is going on. Come on greyhound breeders tell the truth. Stand up and be decent. Tell us why you do it. Is it because you love your dogs. Or money. We all know it's the latter.

16th March 2018 by Carolyn K. Doswell

Everything about Greyhound Racing is cruelty.

16th March 2018 by Carol Robinson

Ban greyhound racing. Greyhounds are the most wonderful dogs and make fantastic pets.

16th March 2018 by David Hughes

Using any animal for entertainment is barbaric. Using them to compete for financial gain means inevitable cruelty during their racing career, and a tragic end when they can no longer perform adequately. It needs to be stopped.

16th March 2018 by Janine Mekarkash

Animal abuse! Born to run not to race! You bet they die!

16th March 2018 by Jayne

If the dogs didnt enjoy it they wudnt run...its a gr8 sport for both the dogs n also people can enjoy watchin them n have a gamble

16th March 2018 by Kerry webb

Greyhound racing is cruel

16th March 2018 by Christine Smith

This SICK SO-CALLED SPORT needs to be banned NOW!!!!!!

16th March 2018 by Linda Browne

Vile, barbaric industry, run by vile greedy morons. These beautiful, gentle dogs are subjected to the most horrific cruelty. Supporters really should do their homework, and learn what really goes on behind the scenes of this so called "sport" !

16th March 2018 by GABRIELA VARGAS


16th March 2018 by Patricia Norman

Barbaric sport.

16th March 2018 by E Gude

The suffering caused to these poor dogs is indefensible. If they are not killed or injured here, they are shipped to China to the hell of the dog meat trade It must end now

16th March 2018 by Val Griffiths

It's long past time. These poor dogs shouldn't be put through this.

16th March 2018 by adrian mcloughlin

Yes, like bull fighting , bear baiting, fox and stag hunting, they should all be confined to the dustbin of history.

16th March 2018 by Malcolm Hazlewood

dont be so stupid you idiots the greyhounds love chasing the rabbit you lot who vote yes can go and do one

16th March 2018 by Nandita Shah

Entertainment from cruelty and suffering should always be banned, and greyhound racing is just that.

16th March 2018 by Maria mc naghten

Greyhound racing is a cruel so called sport, no animal should be exploited for human gains, ban it now

16th March 2018 by adrian mcloughlin

This dog torture , like bull fighting , bear baiting, fox and stag hunting, should be confined to the dustbin of history.

16th March 2018 by Amanda Griffiths

Ban greyhound racing forever!

16th March 2018 by Michael Pattinson

What happens to the dogs that don't make the grade? All well cared for? I think not...

16th March 2018 by Mark

Banned....don't be ridiculuous. Racing is a fantastic sport. I love greyhoubd racing.

16th March 2018 by Judy Morley

This is a cruel and inhumane sport where there is no good end for these poor creatures. It must be banned worldwide and now.

16th March 2018 by Lee

No the dogs love racing , people would actually realise that if they didn’t stand outside tracks leaving dogs in the cold all night trying to promote how bad racing really is there’s nothing more cruel keeping a dog outside stood still.And as for been locked up all day everyday that’s another lie that simply doesn’t happenPeople who race dogs always have there dogs welfare first yes when mine run am always worried about injuries but they happen in every sport

16th March 2018 by Susan Hadlington

Yes ban greyhound racing it is out dated cruel abusive exploitation of the most beautiful gentle dogs, greed over life, yes greyhounds love to run like any dog not shoved into a Trap and forced, shame on you.

16th March 2018 by Kelly

The peow who are against greyhound racing have probably never seen inside a kennel,just joining the bandwagan,they havent got a clue,most of the greys are taken very good care of and I say most as in all corners of life there are some.cruel people who mistreat animal.weather it be greys Labrador poodle horses,the list goes on but that does not mean all people who race there dogs dont look after them or if and I say if they get injured while.racing defo get them.fixed which somtines cost thousands,and then pay 100sof pounds for them to go to a retirement home(not rescue) If you saw the excitment of the greys when they no there going racing its amazing they love what they do ,leave them.to do what they love

16th March 2018 by Stefan Wells

Anti race assholes that comment sums up the anti race brigade who I have offered to come to see the dogs at the kennels many times and they never turn up..why.. because it will show up the lies and crap they spread about how the dogs are treated. Never been in a racing kennels in their lives though happy to shout out slogans about what goes on. greyhound racing is a great family friendly night out

16th March 2018 by Alan Hudson

Puppies killed because they won't chase. Dogs breaking legs on dangerous tracks and euthanised on financial grounds. Dogs kept in filthy kennels with no bedding, fed on the cheapest slop. Dogs too old to win killed with a bolt gun or exported to China to face being boiled or skinned alive. Oh yeah, the racing industry really cares about the dogs.

16th March 2018 by Fred

It's barbaric to force them around a track, then spending days doped up, caged, and eventually spent before their time, or put down for not being good enough.

16th March 2018 by Ken Budzek

Racing greyhounds are the most pampered, well cared for canines in the world.

16th March 2018 by Chris

The industry makes millions (£237 million?) profit and yet we still don't have a transparent system of cradle to grave accountability and responsibility. There is massive overbreeding with only 20% of the dogs being able to race. What happens to the 80% that aren't fast enough - they are not all rehomed. Nobody is sure what happens to them111 Money & profit rule all - racing is dangerous at the best of times but even more so in treacherous conditions - 'the show must go on'. Dogs are euthanised for treatable injuries - hock injuries for example can be healed with splints & tlc, more serious breaks with surgery. At the end of the day greyhounds are just like any other dog and deserve a happy life as a pet -they are beautifully elegant dogs, with lovely gentle souls & temperaments. They do not deserve to be locked up in a cage most of the day. They love a sofa to stretch out on. Sure they do love to run - run free on the beach, through the woods, across the fields like mad things full of the joy of life. And they love to sniff every tree, shrub and lamp post like any other dog. God bless em.

16th March 2018 by Steve Whyte

Dogs are literally running for their lives, and being injured and killed in the name of entertainment. The fact that this still goes on in this day and age is absolutely sickening.

16th March 2018 by Gordon mewis

No keep greyhound racing

16th March 2018 by Jill Dawson

Outdated and cruel

16th March 2018 by David neil

That Fiona m comment is the biggest load of bull that I have ever read in my life she has no clue whatsoever greyhounds love to run let them do what they love and Fiona m get a life

16th March 2018 by Janice Randall

Nothing but a barbaric dog killing 'sport'. Don't be stupid. BAN. FULL BAN.

16th March 2018 by Olimpia Baraini

Perchè è un atto atroce e crudele nei confronti di chi non ha voce per lamentarsi.

16th March 2018 by paddy holt

Greyhound racing is not a sport.. it's an industry which treats sentient beings as a commodity.. it's barbaric, hypocritical, cruel and self-governed... everybody associated with greyhound racing, even those who "love their dogs" (really??) should be prosecuted or at best, put in the greyhounds' situation.....

16th March 2018 by Jacqueline Graham

These poor dogs are treated appallingly,then to be dumped,shot or sold on to another country to be slaughtered!!!!!!

16th March 2018 by Karen

Animals are only ours to appreciate in their natural setting

16th March 2018 by Pennys Mum

I enjoy seeing dogs run for pleasure but greyhound racing is nothing about that. They are ill treated, abused, drugged then dumped as unwanted. They are not cared for properly and shot if unwanted. Many of these abandoned dogs turn up with dog wardens and my husband has helped transport some from being put down after 7 days to a rescues o I have seen the condition that they are found in.In this day and age where we understand sentience and suffering then surely we can spare some compassion for these poor animals who have given their everything to make their owners, trainers and betting companies wealthier.

16th March 2018 by Shirley comish

While there are a lot of good owners/trainer's all the bad ones ruin it. I think it's time we banned it to stpp the suffering that goes on

16th March 2018 by Nat Wenger

Why don't the race supporters go out and run it themselves? Leave the dogs out of it.

16th March 2018 by Isabel Brown

I cannot imagine the mentality of the slobs who run the greyhound racer - they are brainless cretins.

16th March 2018 by George crawford

No the dogs love it

16th March 2018 by Beth Knuth

Until all entertainment that involves animals is ended, especially dog and horse racing, our species will NEVER find peace! So simple but yet so difficult for the arrogant, selfish, entitled humans we have become.

16th March 2018 by Suzanne Armstrong

This terrible sport should of been stopped long before now...must69

16th March 2018 by Sharon Warwick

Yes. I can’t see how it can ever be sufficiently regulated (independent and transparent) so that the dogs welfare is paramount). I’m ashamed when I see them treated by fellow humans as mere commodities sometimes with absolutely no interest in their fate (dogs exported to China) or tied up and left to starve. All this from a nation of animal lovers!!!

16th March 2018 by Nev

Too many morons sitting making judgments from their sofas being mugged off for donations by greyhound unregistered “charities” who have noting to bring to a greyhounds life but the point of a euthanasians needle! Open your eyes, stop being sheep and find out the facts for yourselves! Have you ever seen a good story by the money grabbing “not for profit” leeches???

16th March 2018 by Susan Lewis

I notice non of the people who don't want greyhound racing banned ever mention the 100,000 greyhounds that disappear every year in Ireland where 83.7% of registered racing Greyhounds in the UK are bred. These trainers go to sales to bid on these gentle souls just like you would a piece of furniture in an auction. Add the 1,000 destroyed here to the number killed in Ireland to produce the gambling commodity for them to bid on and the number is horrendous. It should be run down gradually so the dogs can be homed and then confined to the history books.

16th March 2018 by F Aries

It belongs in the past along with bear baiting, etc.

16th March 2018 by Nigel Clark

Born to run

16th March 2018 by Nigel Clark

Greyhound would not run if don't what too and that's true

16th March 2018 by kathy haverkamp

this industry is based solely on cruelty. Please ban greyhound racing, as these dogs have horrible lives and often die tragically if they aren't rescued.

16th March 2018 by Julie de Villiers

This is not "Sport" - this is cruelty to another sentinent being! Totally unacceptable! Ban it!!!!

16th March 2018 by Dave

As a greyhound owner my dogs are well cared for and are made sure we find them forever homes after racing career how many other dogs other than greyhounds are badly treated behind closed doors

16th March 2018 by jayne conway

More of the anti racing stuff being trotted out here, written by people who haven't got the first idea about greyhounds or how they are cared for. But more importantly, the poll is just another exercise in who can be bothered to vote over and over again to bump up the figures, and that goes for both sides. Utterly meaningless.

16th March 2018 by Chelsea

Greyhound racing should be banned

16th March 2018 by Aiden nicoll

Racing is part off our heritage.our identity in this human race...why tamper with nature.

16th March 2018 by Susan Berry

A vile, cruel industry ... #youbettheydie

16th March 2018 by Ang

Greyhound racing isnt cruel, they love to run. Retired Greyhounds get just as many injuries running around gardens and fields as they do on the track.

16th March 2018 by George Davidson

If a child looked and lived like.a greyhound then a caring person would intervene and stop this barbaric.act.