Poll: should hare culling be banned?

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Scotland’s First Minister has stepped into a growing row about the mass slaughter of mountain hares.

Reacting to footage obtained by the League Against Cruel Sports and OneKind which showed hundreds of the animals being killed on a grouse moor, Nicola Sturgeon said: “Large-scale culling of mountain hares could put the conservation status at risk and that is clearly unacceptable.”

Charities and animal welfare activists are now demanding a stop to hare culling.

That’s why we’re asking: should hare culling be banned?

Vote now and get the debate going by leaving a comment below.

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29th March 2018 by Graham Martin 2 Comments

Should hare culling be banned?

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Should hare culling be banned?

5th April 2018 by John F. Robins

This is not a true cull. You cull animals when numbers get so large that they are starving and suffering. This is management by morons who wrongly believe that by killing the hares there will be more grouse for paying guns to shoot. Leave the hares alone and not only do they do no harm they are a welcome sight for eco tourists who put far more money into the wider economy than shooters in the enclosed estates, many of which are foreign owned.

6th April 2018 by Gordon Hannah

Leave the animals alone they are doing no harm.I also agree with the comment by Mr J Robins below