Poll: should heading be banned from children’s football?


The Scottish FA is to consider a ban on children under 12 heading the ball, following a report linking dementia to football.

Experts at the University of Glasgow found former professional players are three and a half times more likely to die of degenerative brain disease.

Scottish football's governing body will consider a range of options after discussions with medical experts.

So that’s why we’re asking: Should heading be banned from children's football?

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29th October 2019 by Gareth Jones 4 Comments

Should heading be banned from children's football?

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Should heading be banned from children's football?

1st November 2019 by Richard Moore

I come from a high pedigree schools, amateur and professional footballers. 4 generations and counting.We have headed everything that moved over the past 120 years.Big fat, lumpy, rain soaked, 5 stone and pear shaped with a half tonne of whip lash laces hanging off the bladder. It was like head butting a sack of Kerr's Pinks.Brick hard Mouldmasters that would brain a bull at 50 paces. Immediate concussion GUARANTEED if your contact was misjudged.Stingy polka dot "team balls", over inflated just enough to cause temporary blindness on contact. It was like getting belted on the forehead with your grannie's basin complete with tattie peelings.Result? A long history of Dementia, Headaches and other related issues.Funny descriptions? Serious outcomes?Richard , Motherwell laddie.

5th November 2019 by Sarah

It's sad that this is, as a society, what we've become. A nation of over-protectors, raising bubble-wrapped snowflakes. Let children be children and experience the game with all the risk that's involved in learning a sport.

11th November 2019 by adam sillers

it should be banned because it is causing brain damage and it could effect people in later life

15th November 2019 by Tina Hoskins

I feel that kid's need to be a kid adult's &couche;'s lay off stop pushing so hard let them be there self's.Kid's will be a lot less rebelous if other'sstop. "Pushing them"