Poll: Should homeless people be forced to give up their dogs?

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​A Dogs Trust survey has found despite eight out of 10 homeless people who own a dog saying their pet is their best friend, two thirds had been asked to give their companion up in order to get accommodation

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13th October 2015 by Paul Cardwell 5 Comments

Should homeless people be forced to give up their dogs?

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Should homeless people be forced to give up their dogs?

15th October 2015 by Doreen Graham

There is good scientific proof showing that pets and in particular dogs, are good for people's mental health and wellbeing. For someone living on the streets, their dog is their companion; a living creature that can give and receive affection and as the weather gets colder, a source of heat and to a degree, protection. Removing a much-loved pet could also take away someone's will to live.

15th October 2015 by Cristine Kerr

Simon Community Scotland has service users with pets within their homeless accommodation. They also work in partnership with the Trusty Paws clinic set up by a group of fourth-year vet students from Glasgow University. The clinic service provides free vaccinations, micro-chipping, clothing, bedding and more.

22nd December 2015 by Vikki

This is the only companion family they have left there should be shelters they can go too with their dogs.. Most people I guys over the UK have animals, but they can't go into these centres not even on Xmas day for a meal because they then would need to leave their pets outside in the cold.. It's not fare..

23rd April 2016 by raymond

How can 9.8% vote homeless people give up their dog. It defies logic.

30th August 2017 by Gideon C du Toit

No matter how convincing the argument I write here, people who don't have a deep bond with animals won't get it. And the people who would get it are the ones that don't need convincing anyway. If an animal is just another object of belonging to you, you will know on what side of my comment you fall.