Poll: should it be law that half our politicians are women?


The Scottish Government cabinet is gender balanced, but the Scottish parliament as a whole and Scotland's local councils are not.

The Electoral Reform Society has backed Women 50:50's call for a law to ensure gender balance in Scottish politics. Women make up just 36% of MSPs and 29% of local councillors - is it time to introduce a law to change that? What do you think?  If 50% of voters are female, should it be the same for their representatives? Or should politicians be chosen on merit alone? Don't forget to leave a comment to explain your answer. 

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22nd March 2018 by Alex Turnbull 3 Comments

Should it be law that half our politicians are women?

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Should it be law that half our politicians are women?

22nd March 2018 by Callum Lester

Should we make it law that equal numbers of men and women should be in prison, jailing innocent women to make up the numbers?It's always very strange how so many people want to make things "appear" more equal by using very overt sex discrimination - in this case against men. I actually havea very unfashionable view of believing in EQUAL opportunities for all - including those "nonbinary" genders. If men are found to have it easier in some way just because of their gender it should be addressed at that point, otherwise we should be gender agnostic.Politicians like almost all walks of life should be treated for who they people and what quality they have, not for their genders - or race etc. If we have that as our goal, there will be far less discrimination.

26th March 2018 by Gordon Hannah

This is not the way to go about change, it does not matter whether all politicians are male or female as long as they are competent, unlike our current crop

27th March 2018 by Amber

It should always be the best person for the job, regardless of age, gender, health, religion, ethnicity, etc, etc, etc.