Poll: should Named Person legislation be scrapped?

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So, Scotland’s Named Person saga goes on.

The latest twist came this week when Holyrood’s education committee refused to give its seal of approval to revised plans for a guardian to be appointed for every child in Scotland.

This is a piece of legislation which has proven to be divisive due to concerns about information sharing and the role of the  state in families, and it has been beset by a flurry of delays – including a Supreme Court ruling against the scheme last summer.

Opponents say it will undermine parents, breach a family's right to privacy and divert resources away from children who are genuinely vulnerable

But many children’s charities say the scheme will help ensure more cases of child abuse and neglect are uncovered and dealt with.

Following this week’s delay, calls have been renewed for the legislation to be shelves.

That’s why we’re asking – should time be called on Named Person?

Should Named Person legislation be scrapped?

Vote now and get the debate going by leaving a comment below.

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7th December 2017 by Graham Martin 22 Comments

Should Named Person legislation be scrapped?

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Should Named Person legislation be scrapped?

7th December 2017 by Clare Chalmers

Of course Named Person scheme should be scrapped, should never have been started in the first place. Snook in acting at illegal levels for over a decade with no consultation with parents. Just attach practitioners to families without their knowledge or consent. What kind of a service is that? It is not about child protection, it never was, it is social engineering and it is unacceptable and unworkable. We need a public inquiry to establish who has supported this and what their real agendas have been.

7th December 2017 by Morag Brown

Nazism and should be scrapped. The SNP let down children they knew about!!!!! Enough said!

7th December 2017 by tam

Scrap it now!

7th December 2017 by Brigitte Vallance

This is a waste of time and money both of which should be spent with vulnerable families. Teachers and head teacher have enough to do without this intrusive, unwarranted and unwanted nonsense thst just needs scrapped ASAP. It’s being used in the Highlands and was introduced by stealth even though illegal is still in force which is outrageous.

7th December 2017 by phill markey

parental rights are sacred.

7th December 2017 by Joke Donaldson-Moerland

Unlawful interfering with family life!!????????

8th December 2017 by Robert Fletcher

Some quotes regarding the scheme: "It's become toxic" "Teachers will need a lawyer on speed-dial" "Not for my child or grand child" And those aren't from the pages of No2NP, they are from the submissions to the Education and Skills Committee of professional bodies representing the legal profession and social work! Yes- it should be scrapped!

9th December 2017 by Catherine

Yes it should be scrapped, along with the vague and all-encompassing but ultimately entirely meaningless SHANARRI.

9th December 2017 by Ian

I will happily leave Scotland if this 'pedophiles speed dial' comes into force. As a former Police Civilian, I saw the danger straight away - there is enough abuse of the police national database and other files to turn you off trusting the police forever - and my family is filled with former and serving police officers / civilians.This database and family file? It is literally a "who to abuse next" file just waiting for the predators - and we see Rotherham and Glasgow abuse rings galore and what did the social workers do? Turn a blind eye because of diversity.Strip these people of all powers and office, scrap the scheme and leave families alone unless there is a clear and present danger that isn't just they don't like their bedroom paint colour' (Yes, go check - that is a flag to prompt intrusion into your families personal lives and home.)

10th December 2017 by Joy Knight

There are already enough procedures and laws in place to protect our children. Add in common-sense and any well-trained official can resolve most problems.

11th December 2017 by Alka Sehgal Cuthbert

Formalising informal relationships, no matter how caring the reason given sounds, is not on, having a state intermediary between parent and child is downright creepy.

11th December 2017 by Margaret McRobie

This should never have got off the ground. It’s a total waste of time and money. Use the money to help the children who need looking after not the ones who have decent parents doing a good job

11th December 2017 by Neil

Whilst child protection should be at the forefront of social care and the sharing of useful information between agencies is a good thing, the collection of random information and the use of passing comments to make decisions is dangerous.

11th December 2017 by joe joe

the snp should scrapped ,no place right wing racists in scotland

11th December 2017 by Graeme Hunter

We have highly Social Workers to do this job. If they were funded to their job with the money spent on legal fees alone it would take the pressure off them and produce better results for children at riskIt is an absolute intrusion in family life.

11th December 2017 by Brenda O’Brien

Nobody wants this disgraceful piece of legislation - to parents, not teachers, not social workers. Expert advice has been sought and rejected by the arrogant John Swinney who does NOT LISTEN. Ridiculous amount of taxpayers money spent defending this. Needs to be scrapped!

11th December 2017 by gail gilfillan

This is another ill thought out scheme which will in fact be an expensive and incompetent piece of legislation that will not find the real children at risk as so much energy will be used legislating parents to raise children the governments way, with no freedom of approach, engendering fear amongst those who have no reason to fear it and giving too big a work load to the social services and teachers who will inevitably concentrate on the kids and families who are easiest to deal with. The real at risk kids will continue to stay hidden as their abusers and poor parenters will be clapping their hands as the load and money will be spread so thin that nothing effective will come of it!!! It totally does my head in that there is not an ounce of sheer common sense in this government, just an over riding ambition to never listen and use everything for their own ends. Let alone all the illegal acts that have occurred and continue to Oh and 1 head with up to 2000 children has to be named person over the heads of the parents, poor guys and just another crazy crazy idea

11th December 2017 by Anne Wilson

I object strongly to the total inaccuracies in your article aboveFirst of all the first paragraph talks about "plans for a guardian to be appointed for every child in Scotland" Since when did the definition of guardian which is a legal term https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/guardian - a person who has the legal right and responsibility of taking care of someone who cannot take care of himself or herself, such as a child whose parents have died: The child's parents or guardians must give their consent before she has the operation.ever equate to the description of the Named Person which by the way is not a person but more correctly the Named Person Service and if you bothered to look at the description of the Named Person, you would find their responsibilities very far from those of a guardian.Secondly, paragraph 2 talks about ....."including a Supreme Court ruling against the scheme last summer." Wrong!The Supreme court actually praised the scheme by saying it was very worth-while but there was one part, the information sharing sections which were incompatible with Article 8 in the ECHR i.e. the right to family life and privacy.I know the media are seldom renowned for their accuracy, but where is you journalistic integrity? You are misleading the public and stirring up far more trouble than there needs to be over this matter with false information.Read more at http://thirdforcenews.org.uk/polls/poll-should-named-person-legislation-be-scrapped#3RLC0C3XUFUrhpD1.99 Read more at http://thirdforcenews.org.uk/polls/poll-should-named-person-legislation-be-scrapped#3RLC0C3XUFUrhpD1.99

11th December 2017 by Janet Pamment

Don't like the state interference and data sharing

12th December 2017 by John Cunningham

Whilst it does have a legitimate aim it is a wholly disproportionate means of achieving it. It is a gross breach of the right to privacy and on a balanced consideration it should be scrapped and more appropriate means adopted. Frankly I find it appalling that any government could have thought this to be an acceptable move - that is the really worryinģ aspect of the matter.

12th December 2017 by William

@Anne WilsonThe Supreme Court didnt praise it, maybe you should read the judgement again .Do you support the govt in indiscriminately breaching the human rights and privacy of every family in Scotland ?

18th December 2017 by Philip

This article has so many inaccuracies! Ann Wilson below - I agree with everything you have said. Mr Martin needs to get his facts right it appears.