Poll: should older people receive free TV licences?

Tv licence

The BBC announced this week that free TV licences for up to 3.7m pensioners are being scrapped.

Under the new rules, only low-income households where one person receives the pension credit benefit will still be eligible for a free licence.

Charities such as Age UK have criticised the move, saying it could see many older people having to give up their televisions. 

But what do you think - should older people receive free TV licences? 

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11th June 2019 by Gareth Jones 9 Comments

Should older people receive free TV licences?

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Should older people receive free TV licences?

11th June 2019 by Carol

Yes ofcourse I do because they fought and some died trying to protect us in the war. So yes I feel they deserve something x

11th June 2019 by M Callaghan

Why not do away with BBC - it's mostly repeats anyway!! These older folks supported the BBC all its years and BBC and the government should be ashamed of themselves for taking this away from them. Cut all the fat cats wages instead.

12th June 2019 by Joe

There shouldn't be a TV Licence. It's ridiculous to pay for the BBC - they should just start having adverts like every other channel and abolish the licence. We are held to ransom for nine tv channels.

13th June 2019 by Gill

The elderly sometimes only have the tv to keep them entertained on a daily basis, some don't have anything else. Making them pay is a disgrace.

19th June 2019 by Richard

As a carer for the elderly, I see first hand that the television is often the only company they have for most of the evenings. Furthermore, it is important that the TV they watch has an "advertising free" option since the elderly are also vulnerable to commercial predators selling them goods and services they do not need.It may seem to be a paradox to those who do not have direct contact with people in their 70's and older but in fact they don't sleep much and often have 18 hours or more of loneliness....Free Licences? They should get free televisions too.

1st July 2019 by Elaine

Some of our most deprived people and should receive it free!!

10th April 2020 by mobdro

The elderly should receive a free TV license because the old people are no longer fit to join the labor force and pay the cost of living as young people. I think they deserve it.Free TV here:https://mobdroportugal.net/

10th April 2020 by mobdro

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10th August 2020 by Jon Rogers

The BBC set a precedent On a Question of Sport Bill Beaumont wore a Fred Perry shirt and the brand name was blanked out On Match of the Day adverts are shown on boards during interviews The Queens Charter forbids the BBC to advertiseThe Oxford Dictionary states that A brand name shown on a board or hoarding is an advert and people that show it are advertising So could this mean no one needs a licence to watch the BBC The Precedent has been set by the BBC itself So that means no more brand name shown around the grounds on hoardings No more brand name on players shirts in any sports