Poll: should private schools be stripped of charity status?

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News that private schools are to be stripped of charitable tax breaks has brought the charity status of private schools back into focus.

On the back of the Barclay Review of business rates, Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations (SCVO) chief executive said: “SCVO has long believed that private schools are not genuine third sector organisations.”

Private schools having charity status entitles them to a range  of tax breaks – but many question whether it is fair that inherently elitist institutions get these perks.

There are also issues about whether private schools’ charity status tarnishes the charity brand.

The schools themselves say they do social good by taking  children out of the state sector – effectively relieving strain on the public purse.

What do you think? Should private schools be stripped of charity status?

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25th August 2017 by Graham Martin 6 Comments

Should private schools be stripped of charity status?

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Should private schools be stripped of charity status?

25th August 2017 by William Douglas

No school should pay business rates. Strip state schools of the need to pay business rates and level the playing field that way.

25th August 2017 by Rachel Thain-Gray

If your "service" isn't for social good for everyone and doesn't address social injustice, as charities should, you don't deserve the tax breaks. We need more money coming into the public purse for public services for people who are remote from privilege.

28th August 2017 by Peter Le Riche

It is a ridiculous argument to say that public schools take the strain off comprehensive ones. Public Schools cause division, elitism, inequality. If the money spent on public schools went into the comprehensive system we would all be much richer, nicer, fairer and have a healthier society. One that is progressive.

29th August 2017 by Ron Carthy

"Charitable" status helps keep down fees for those few who can afford to pay for the advantages to their children that attendance at a private school brings. It's a hidden state subsidy to the privileged. End it now.

30th August 2017 by Carolyn Yates

I was educated in private schools. I taught in one. They are NOT charities and do very little charitable work. In my experience they don't even encourage their pupils to volunteer for charities in the way state schools do.

4th September 2017 by Sharon

Private school, and colleges too! This is all about profit, and has never been about charity! I work in the sector for the sector and I have never classed private schools, colleges or aleos charities! We need to look at all different types of schools who consider themselves charities too!