Poll: Should schools stay open during the summer holidays?

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Parents are reporting that school holidays are a financial burden and sadly, it was revealed this week, volunteers are having to step up and provide meals for some kids who are used to getting school dinners the rest of the time. 

Meanwhile SNP MP Kirsty Blackman was disciplined for taking her kids into the House of Commons after her summer childcare arrangements fell through. 

Is modern society incompatible with lengthy schools holidays? What is the solution?

Children in Scotland's answer is its Food, Families and Futures project, which is seeing primary schools in Glasgow stay open over the holidays. The schools are providing local children with lunch, trips out, structured activity and free play on a daily basis during the holidays. Should all schools do this? What do you think?

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29th July 2016 by Susan Smith 7 Comments

Should schools stay open during the summer holidays?

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Should schools stay open during the summer holidays?

29th July 2016 by Ian Davidson

Schools are public buildings funded by the taxpayer; for them to lie unused during Easter and Summer holidays whilst vulnerable children have nothing to do and are going hungry is crazy! This is not about requiring teachers to do anything or change their conditions of service; this is about employing other staff and approved volunteers. Those parents lucky enough to have the time and money to spend with their children during the long holidays are under no compulsion to use such a service so it's hard to see any basis for objection.

1st August 2016 by Kate Robson

It is a disgrace that such a valuable resource such as a school should be closed when children could be using the facilities over the school holidays. Holiday play schemes run by community staff and volunteers could easily operate these services and help stressed parents.

1st August 2016 by peter

It is worth remembering that Schools in a lot of Cases are not owned by the Council anymore and it is the PPI companies that own the Buildings that would make that decision. I can remember attending Play Schemes in the summer holidays at the local Schools “Community Wing” when I was young but due to cuts this sort of activist is long gone

2nd August 2016 by Susan Morrison

Not every school would have to be open. And if the service provision became classed as 'approved childcare' then parents could claim for assistance with the costs for Tax Credit purposes ( as applicable)

4th August 2016 by Lisa

If this is public school funded by the government when do you expect teachers have their vacations? Obviously not during the academic year. Of course schools can be open but in my opinion this is not possible without parents paying for activities, lunches, and so on.

12th February 2018 by Yvonne MacLean

Yes - a range of interesting and varied activities could be offered in a safe and familiar surrounding.

5th May 2020 by Steve Grimsley

Isn’t children’s education of primary concern?