Poll: should live transportation of farm animals be banned?

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An animal rights charity said this week that Brexit prevents an opportunity to improve the treatment of livestock.

OneKind wants to see a ban on the live transportation of farm animals, as it fears they are often shipped in cramped and unsafe conditions.

Animal exports are currently controlled by EU regulation, however the UK government is considering introducing a ban on live exports for slaughter once the UK leaves the European Union

The Scottish Government has said that it will resist any ban due to fears that it will have a negative impact of farmers.

So this week, we are asking: should the live transportation of farm animals be banned?

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8th February 2018 by Gareth Jones 2 Comments

Should the live transportation of farm animals be banned?

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Should the live transportation of farm animals be banned?

12th February 2018 by Lynn Anderson

This was a difficult choice, struggled between a straight yes or a straight no. When I have responded to previous TFN polls, I have been able to make a quick 11 second rule decision.On this occasion, it took a little longer and I opted for NO. Reason being the policing of the alternative, which could be animals being killed in all manner of ways, in all manner of places, in all manner of conditions. Can we not currently trust our quality systems to ensure best possible animal welfare and humane practices? I sincerely hope we can.

15th February 2018 by Gordon Liddle

This question is ridiculous. If the answer is no then a farmer cannot move an animal by road from one part of a farm to another. No farmer could sell an animal to another farm. All farm animals would have to be born and slaughtered on the same farm. Please ask the question to which you want an answer and don't leave us to guess what you might be meaning or not.