Poll: should the schools go back before the summer holidays?

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The issue if the re-opening of schools is fast becoming one of the most vexed in the coronavirus crisis.

The UK government wants to see at least a partial re-opening at the beginning of June – in England at least. The devolved nations have vowed to take a different approach, as have some English local authorities.

In Scotland, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has suggested the schools may not go back till the start of the autumn term, after the summer holiday, citing concerns about a possible second spike in Covid cases.

There are varying opinions about the impact reopening schools will have, with uncertainty over how effective children are at spreading the disease.

Teaching unions are solidly against going back, saying it is too soon and that teachers, support staff, parents and children will all be put at risk.

Others, though, have pointed to the damaging effect missing out on education is having on children.

That’s why we’re asking: what do you think? Should the schools in Scotland go beck before the summer holidays?

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19th May 2020 by Graham Martin 2 Comments

Should the schools go back before the summer holidays?

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Should the schools go back before the summer holidays?

19th May 2020 by Comment

Schools should consider staying open over the summer to enable students to catch up on any missing education.

20th May 2020 by Gary Roberts

It’s not safe!