Poll: Should Tony Blair be indicted for war crimes?

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Renewed calls for former prime minister to face legal action over Iraq war

8th July 2016 by TFN 11 Comments

Should Tony Blair be indicted for war crimes?

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Should Tony Blair be indicted for war crimes?

While Sir John Chilcot’s inquiry did not look at the legality of the Iraq war there have been calls since its findings were announced for former prime minister Tony Blair to face legal action.

Previously, Alex Salmond said if the inquiry found Blair had made a secret commitment to the government of the United States of America to support the war then he should be taken to the International Criminal Court.

And, a group of MPs are now taking advice on impeaching the former PM which would bar him from ever holding office again.

So today, we’re asking: Should Tony Blair be indicted for war crimes?

Let us know your answer by voting and leaving a comment below.

10th July 2016 by James tripney

Guilty as charged , waging agressive war on a soverign nation got nazis hung at nuremberg after ww2 ,

10th July 2016 by Georg Holthausen

we did not slip into a war. Tony Blair took us into a war on false pretences and by hiding the truth even from his own cabinet. The Chilcot enquiry, although stopping short of putting the blame, quite clearly shows that we went to war because Bush wanted to go to war and Blair was prepared to do anything to manipulate opinion here among the public and his government in order to get a pretence of legitimacy for that war. He was Bush's stirrup holder. Certainly guilty as is Bush.

10th July 2016 by Tom Donaldson

It's a no Brainer post a 7 year thorough Inquiry that certainly not only puts him in the duck of history but proves ge needs to be punished fur the illegal actions should all.those voting for the illegal war.

10th July 2016 by Tim Hutton

Blair should most definitely tried for war crimes; he still denies any wrongdoing and complacency in the face of that legitimises any further illegitimate warmongering

10th July 2016 by Tomas

only the simple will vote No

14th July 2016 by Peter Le Riche

Of course he should, without question. We need to lead by example - democracy holds on the balance!

14th July 2016 by Peter Le Riche

Of course he should, we should lead by example and democracy holds on the balance!

27th April 2017 by Skaka

We are all forgetting former Yugoslavia and how much war criminal Blair contributed to deaths of thousands of civilians, some of them children, breaking international law and without UN agreement. 1991-1999!

2nd August 2017 by peter goldrick

I find great difficulty in using polite language to make reference to b-Liar aka miranda aka charles lynton bow street cottager. This greedy person and war criminal has done a great deal of harm to the UK and it's indigenous people.

6th December 2018 by peter leriche

New Labor - New Ivory tower - throw him to the dogs

30th March 2019 by Terence Williams

He started the war on the pretence that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. The inspector who returned from Iraq with evidence no weapons existed died from suspicious circumstances