Poll: should Universal Credit be stopped?

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It seems that every day brings bad publicity for the UK government’s troubled Universal Credit (UC) roll-out.

The controversial scheme – which will see six benefits merged into one – is being applied across the country, following a series of pilots.

People – even Tory MPs - have complained that the system is not fit for purpose, with delays in payments plunging people into destitution.

To make things worse, there was a storm this week when it was revealed that the government’s Universal Credit hotline is charging people up to 55p per minute.

Meanwhile, MSPs at Holyrood have voted to do what they can to halt the roll-out of UC.

That’s why we’re asking: should Universal Credit be stopped?

Vote now and get the debate going by leaving a comment.

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13th October 2017 by Graham Martin 4 Comments

Should Universal Credit be stopped?

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Should Universal Credit be stopped?

17th October 2017 by Donald McKenzie

Universal credit is a disaster for sick and disabled people and must not continue to devastate their lives

17th October 2017 by r mcdonald

it causes serious debt homelessness stress which causes illness and even suicides. it also takes £70 per week away from the most vulnerable of the disabled and it reduces money for many others. its a punative measure by the tories. its not about bringing together all benefits in one to make life easier for admin and the claimant. its another way to get rid of more claimants that are entitled to money but unable to deal wth the stress or complexities of it. that doesnt include those who dont know how to use a computer or have access to one. people work and pay taxes and part of that is to pay for the safety net we all agreed was the best way to keep people from destitute in their most vulnerable time. benefit claiming should not be made to be criminal like.

17th October 2017 by Lyndsay Omond

Am currently going through this confusing and thoroughly distressing process ...Trying to prove there is something is wrong with you is very hard when you do not want to acknowledge the traitorous legs anyway . And how on earth can the individuals chosen as assessors can continue to lie so blatantly ?I don't think they even read my full appeal and am positive the reply was a good part of copy and pasting as I and many other on a FB site show disturbing similarities..mb no real biggie , but Nationwide ? Also ,is ,as claimed ,the individuals are nurses or paramedics ...As am I . And I can see no way that I could write a report such as theirs, full of false statements ,observation statements ..am still trying to figure out if he had eyes on the top of his head , as I never saw him look directly at me after he explained the process . This gentleman also caught me as I fell ,held the door open for me when I finished the hour meeting lol 30 mins to early . NEVER in my career as a nurse have I ever done a full admissions assessment in such a short period of time nor maintained some form of eye contact ,facial interaction to help me assess a patient ..they go against everything I was taught in nursing and I pray I am never one of Their patients ...I hope the have nightmares for many nights to come

26th October 2017 by P Wilson

Waiting times should be 2wks max , people not getting rent paid resulting in eviction, my grandson got tax rebate back from last tax year which he used to pay rent arrears and was penalised as it was classed as earnings therefore has not received any payments for months. Disgusting inhuman.