Poll: should wolves be reintroduced to Scotland?

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30th March 2017 by Graham Martin 5 Comments

Should wolves be reintroduced to Scotland?

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Should wolves be reintroduced to Scotland?

The restoration of lost species to our environment has become a big talking point of late – and one which has found favour with the public.

TFN recently reported that the beaver reintroduction programme in Argyll has been voted the ‘wildlife event of the year’ – while there has been almost universal support for the successful scheme to bring back red kites.

Meanwhile, the older programme to reintroduce white-tailed eagles to the Hebrides, which started in 1975, has paid off as the majestic birds spread from Rhum to neighbouring islands – bringing tourists and their cash with them.

Reintroductions aren’t always popular though. Landowners, gamekeepers and farmers have expressed feelings ranging from doubt to outright hostility to the cases listed above.

And they continue to oppose plans to bring back top predators such as the lynx and the wolf.

Restoring these, they say, would be disastrous for farm and game stocks – and could even be harmful to the public.

However, environmental charities say they would help restore balance to eco-systems, providing a natural control for deer. And, like the eagles, people will come to see them.

The reintroduction of the wolf has been done elsewhere – with significant results (see below).

So that’s why we’re asking: Is it time to bring them back?

Should wolves be reintroduced to Scotland?

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5th April 2017 by M Loughran

I dont live in a rural area so I think it would have more impact on residents of those areas and their opinion should be greatly listened to before any agency makes a decision.

5th April 2017 by William John Buchanan

animals of all kinds have the right to live hereon this Earth, man does not have sole dominion.

6th April 2017 by Joan

I agree with M Loughran - suspect that people in more remote areas would be most affected by re-introduction of wolves - there fore the weight of opinion should be with them - a opposed to 'toonies'. Wolves are not cute! Here's a thought what about the Red Squirrels and True Wild Cats - would wolves impact upon their numbers?

25th March 2019 by Anonymous

I agree with Joan and M Loughran, I for one can say that I live in a rural area and so do my whole school, wolves would cause havoc! It would disrupt everything and I can say that everyone would think twice before going outside to go on a walk or something or other. I am actually righting an essay at the moment about this topic for my English class. And would say I completely disagree with wolves being reintroduced!

6th April 2020 by Oscar

I think wolves should be reintroduced into scotland because It can control the dear population .