Should carers be paid a minimum wage?


To make carers week, TFN asks: should carers be paid a minimum wage?

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15th June 2017 by Graham Martin 3 Comments

Should carers be paid a minimum wage?

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Should carers be paid a minimum wage?

The rights of carers have come under the spotlight during carers week.

Up and down the UK there are 6.5 million people caring unpaid for an ill, frail or disabled family member or friend.

They contribute a massive amount to society and the economy – but three in four carers feel they are undervalued by society.

This year, carers week focussed on building on building carer friendly communities, which support carers to look after their loved ones well, while recognising that they are individuals with needs of their own.

But what are the best ways of doing this? One suggestion has been that carers get a minimum wage, which would give them financial security.

So that’s why we’re asking: should carers be paid a minimum wage?

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21st June 2017 by John

As a society we should be progressive and always strive to improve peoples lives. We should not be expecting those with caring responsibilities to sacrifice their own needs and aspirations because they have loved ones requiring a high level of care. Unfortunately, due to 'austerity' that's exactly what we're doing. It's shameful.

14th February 2018 by Jinty Morrison

At the very least and that is all carers caring 35 hours or more including those on Old Age pension. Many pensionners continue to work and still receive their pension because of their caring committment carers cannot work yet are denied carers' allowance. Carers Allowance needs to be exempt from the Overlapping benefits rule aas it should not be regarded as a benefit but a small remuneration for lots of hard work.

6th February 2020 by mark myers

yes ,for sure the government should not expect a Cinderella service ,its a hard life being a carer for loved ones ,and I feel like carers are being exploited .