TFN poll: should Save The Children remove award from Tony Blair?

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Tony Blair with former US president George W Bush. Both men's legacies are hotly contested following the invasion of Iraq in 2003.

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28th November 2014 by Graham Martin 5 Comments

Should Save The Children strip Tony Blair of his global legacy award?

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Should Save The Children strip Tony Blair of his global legacy award?

International charity Save The Children found itself caught up in a storm this week over an accolade given to Tony Blair.

The decision of its US arm to hand the former prime minister with a "global legacy award" provoked outrage - not least from its own staff, 500 of whom signed an internal protest petition.

Blair's legacy - especially over his role in launching the Iraq war in 2003 - is fraught with controversy.

A 38 Degrees petition has called for Save The Children to strip him of the award.

What do you think? Should the charity strip Blair of his global legacy award? Take part in our poll!

28th November 2014 by Saeed

Yes, because millions of people said in public that he is a war criminal in regard to Iraq war, Afghanistan war, and supporting Israel.

29th November 2014 by billy hammett

either they do or in 30 days I will stop my direct debit

30th November 2014 by Neil Rogall

save the children? How many children's deaths is he responsible for? The man is a war criminal not a philanthropist or peace maker

1st December 2014 by Gaby

How DARE that war criminal accept the award, quite apart from the fact that it was actually given to him. How can he sleep at night?

15th December 2014 by bernard baker

The award is unethical and immoral due to Blair's initiation (with help form Alistair Campbells's sexed up dossier) of the illegal war in Iraq.Also his association with Gaddafi and lack of intergrity as a stable clear honest man.The email response from STC Chairman Justine Whitbread is quite frankly insulting Blairite spin doctored nonsense.Find an ethical charity to donate to.....