Should we replace benefits with a basic income?

Crop basic income

A new report out this week by the RSA charity says the current benefits system should be scrapped – and replaced by a Universal Basic Income.

This would give everyone a guaranteed level of pay. 

The RSA charity says this would end the stigma of receiving benefits.

However, others fear it might discourage people from working.

This is why we’re asking: what do you think – should we replace benefits with a basic income?

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10th May 2019 by Graham Martin 4 Comments

Should we replace benefits with a basic income?

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Should we replace benefits with a basic income?

12th May 2019 by Pauline Nolan

Not without very thorough equality impact assessments i.e. will disabled people's additional costs be properly key through the basic income. If they were then I would probably support it.

15th May 2019 by Sarah Murray

Everyone should be given the opportunity to support themselves, it is basic human dignity, but the level has to be set so that there is an incentive for people to earn more and that a basic standard of living is obtained, no matter their circumstances - there has to be a level playing field for those with additional needs.

20th May 2019 by lok yue

A lovely idea and like most lovely ideas, unrealistic. Lovely ideas have to be paid for and there isn't enough in the kitty to pay everyone without raising taxes. I know this is good marxist philosophy but the last time a chancellor decided to 'squeeze the rich till the pips squeak', the rich went overseas. There is only so much taxation people will put up with

24th May 2019 by Susan

Basic income helps daily regular life need .