Should workers be banned from smoking on breaks?

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2nd November 2018 by Gareth Jones 11 Comments

Should workers be banned from smoking on their breaks?

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Should workers be banned from smoking on their breaks?

A Scottish council has sparked controversy by banning workers from lighting up during the working day.

Dundee City Council said its revised smoking policy would encourage staff to quit and reduce the number of adult “role models” seen with cigarettes in public.

The policy bans staff from smoking during working hours and applies when they are outside, travelling between offices and on tea breaks - meaning workers can only smoke on unpaid lunch breaks.

Unions have claimed the ban is heavy-handed and workers have said they do not know how it will be enforced.

So this week, TFN is asking: should workers be banned from smoking on their breaks?

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2nd November 2018 by Colin Millar

I would imagine this outright ban on smoking is likely to be subject to legal challenge at some point. I suspect the ban won’t hold up when it is.

2nd November 2018 by David Kerr

Knowing Dundee, just wait for a while and see a lot of resignations along with claims for bullying of the wokforce

2nd November 2018 by Walt Cody

Since when has employment become slavery? Aside from the fact that smoking tobacco is a legal activity, countless studies have shown that smokers who smoke are more efficient at both physical and mental tasks than nonsmokers and conversely, the performance of deprived smokers falls off. Check this out:

2nd November 2018 by Scott

It takes anti-smoking hysteria to a new level of bigotry. Yes, I said it.

3rd November 2018 by Carolus Magnus

UK seems not happy with democracy. Good-doers and nannies all around, to lazy to really produce something substantial at work, sitting in NGO-offices producing one nutty paper after the other only to bully their inhabitants.Is there any law allowing to prohibit individual lifestyle and consequently convert the whole country into a collective one like we had in the DDR, before it was freed by Gorbatchov in 1989?No way! Break-time is solely for the employees to recover, belongs to them and not to the employer, and no-one has the right to intrude their privacy. Next, employers control you at home to check whether or not you smoke tobacco while watching TV and start complaining about the beer bottle on the table.UK already has gone far too far over the limits. Please just stop this madness!UK needs another Gorbatchov!

3rd November 2018 by Junican Watson

It has been obvious for some time that the anti-smoker zealots are going to overstep the mark as regards personal freedom. The decision to enjoy smoking tobacco is a personal one, and not one to be decided by bureaucrats. The local authority bureaucrats have rights over their employees ONLY as regards actually doing their jobs and nothing else.

3rd November 2018 by Joni Masterson

nanny state going too far

4th November 2018 by Mike twofeathers

What workers do on their own time is theirs. Not the company.

4th November 2018 by Margaret Durrance

one's free time cannot be regulated!

5th November 2018 by Charles Hutchison

DCC always out of step.Was Dundee not in World War 11 a war won with cigarettes.e.g. Tins from the King.

8th November 2018 by Allan

Banning employees from smoking during work breaks when they're off the clock, is wrong! As smoking is a legal activity that doesn't impair one's ability to work, last I checked. This is just another example of how way too far antis go, to selfishly take away the personal liberties of those who smoke. With how ridiculously darned selfish that side is, I'm surprised they haven't tried to make the sale of tobacco illegal....