TFN poll: do you back bid to ban smoking in front of kids in cars?

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16th December 2014 by Graham Martin 2 Comments

Should smoking in cars in front of children be banned?

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Should smoking in cars in front of children be banned?

LibDem MSP Jim Hume has launched a bill aimed at stamping out smoking in cars when there are under-18s present.

He says the move will give children the "healthiest start" in life and he has been backed by health charities and professional groups (see here).

If the move goes through Holyrood, offenders could be fined £100.

What do you think? Is this a good idea or an example of the nanny state in action?

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18th December 2014 by Manager

Laws are cheap, making long term socially acceptable changes isn't. the real question that should be asked if this law does pass who will be most affected by the fines for getting caught? and at what cost to time will this be to the police. surely they have more important issues to deal with than this? This along with the named person act is a very concerning level of state intervention. BTW i dont smoke and believe a long term approach to this issue is far more beneficial that this short termism

19th December 2014 by Euan Clelland

I'm under 18 and smoke reguarlly, would be pretty shit if I couldn't even sit in company of somebody smoking in a car pmsl