TFN poll: should charities be banned from cold calling?

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​A new survey has shown the majority of people want an end to charities turning up on their doorstep: now tell us what you think

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27th October 2014 by Graham Martin 5 Comments

Should charities be banned from cold calling?

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Should charities be banned from cold calling?

A recent poll by Neighborhood Watch Scotland (NWS) revealed some uncomfortable truths for the charity sector.

It showed that while cold calling – charities turning up unnannounced on doorsteps looking for fund – is lucrative, it is also vastly unpopular.

NWS found that 77% of people thought charities should cease the practise.

Alarmingly, 58% of those surveyed felt they had been put under "some duress" to give.

Do you think charities should be banned from cold calling? Let us know what you think – and don't forget to leave a comment.

28th October 2014 by John Brady

Of course charities should not be banned from cold calling. Unless of course we think that charities should fight life threatening diseases with one hand behind their back. Or provide third rate services to disabled people. Or give relief to a much smaller percentage of people from natural disasters or famine.These activities require money and charities actively seek funds to do good works. Whilst I would never condone pressure or bad practice banning a technique because of such would be a massive over-reaction.

29th October 2014 by jeremy

No - not unless everyone else is

2nd November 2014 by Karen grieve

Yes they should be banned from cold calling a should all Companies. Feel highly uncomfortable when people come to my door and try to guilt me into giving. I decide what u can afford to give and already donate by DD to my charities if choice, sponso people, go to fundraisers, put money into collections etc so why do I need to be harassed by any cold caller. Feel the charities need to be the values they are holding in their own philosophies and not resort to private sector tactics.

11th November 2014 by Patrick Miller

I work for a small charity - the Rainforest Saver Foundation. for the last three years I have gone round my immediate neighbourhood unannounced selling raffle tickets in aid of this charity. The majority of my neighbours welcome this and seem glad to give. It gives them the opportunity to learn more about Rainforest Saver and me to get to know them a bit better. I have never, as far as I know, put any pressure on anybody and I respect notices on doors which make it clear that cold callers are not wanted. Face to face contact is still a very good means of promotion. I would not like to see cold calling banned. The cause we work for is worth far more than a trifling inconvenience to somebody on a doorstep.

19th May 2015 by K Finnon

Yes, there should be a ban on all cold callers. I give to charities when I'm able, and when I choose, depending on my family commitments. Whilst I have no problem explaining my views and decisions (one of which is I never sign up to anything on my doorstep) my elderly mother (80+), who lives alone, has felt pressurised and one collector even conned his way into her house and started to complete the form for monthly payments, even though she had already told him she wasn't going to do this. Vulnerable people need support and not intimidated in their own homes.