Poll: Should parents ever be allowed to hit their children?


Join the debate: is smacking ever acceptable?

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19th January 2015 by Susan Smith 1 Comment

Should parents ever be allowed to hit their children?

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Should parents ever be allowed to hit their children?

After a coalition of over 100 charities and individuals launched a campaign for changes to be made to the Criminal Justice (Scotland) Act 2003, which allows parents and carers to hit their children if it can be deemed "justifiable assault", the debate over smacking children has resurfaced. The group argue that the law should be changed for babies, as it is never acceptable to use force on children under two. Do you agree?

Do you think hitting children should be banned altogether? Or does it depend on circumstance?

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31st May 2015 by Chucky

This is the same problem with spanking: it may be a quick and easy way to correct behaviour but it never corrects the CAUSES of poor behaviour. Instead it creates the fear of pain.Instead of the message being "This is wrong and you shouldn't do it", the message is "If you do this, I will hurt you".Hitting children is completely irresponsible for parents to do because educating their young is their obligation. If you just rely on inflicting physical pain on them, it won't help them grow into a better person, it'll only make them afraid of you and hate you.Let me repeat that: they'll grow to hate and be afraid of the one person who is supposed to love and care for them.