TFN poll: should the public pay for royal weddings?

Royal wedding

There has been anger after taxpayers were hit with a multi-million bill for the security costs at a minor royal’s wedding.

A backlash has started after the cost to the public purse of the marriage of Princess Eugenie to Jack Brooksbank was revealed..

Her open-topped carriage ride through Windsor, requiring road closures, racked up a £2m policing bill – paid from the public purse.

Campaign group Republic hit out, saying: “If the royals want to turn another private wedding into a public PR exercise, they need to pay. The taxpayer needs to know who is funding what, where the money is coming from and the impact the wedding will have on local and police budgets.”

This is why we’re asking – do you agree? Should the public pay for royal weddings?

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12th October 2018 by Graham Martin 3 Comments

Should the public pay for royal weddings?

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Should the public pay for royal weddings?

15th October 2018 by RealFreedom

Should the public pay for the cost of the left-wing bilge pumped out by TFN?

15th October 2018 by ROBERT MCINTOSH

There is absolutely no need for the public to pay for these very minor royal scroungers' security. They have plenty private chapels etc. in their state public funded palaces where they could get married with minimal extra security. No doubt Her May and her cronies backed the 'big' wedding idea as another way of diverting attention away from her Brexshit shambles and corruption - and, as she, her family and all her pals are massive tax dodgers they don't even pay towards these ridiculous and irrelevant weddings.

16th October 2018 by Lok Yue

People are entitled to their opinions, however extreme they might be. That is not the same however as hurling accusations of tax evasion and corruption. Apart from anything else it is extremely lazy to make allegations without any evidence. If of course, Mr. McIntosh has proof to support his accusations, he should of course inform the relevant authorities. If not, perhaps he should have the grace to withdraw